Humble propsfrom us to you

May 11, 2004 2:56 AM

An aside to the GT article on betting from the players perspective:

It is easy to be jaded and fall out of touch with the way the art of sports wagering occurs daily when relying solely on info provided from the suits.

A pat on the back means a lot, especially when coming from hardcore blue-collar folks like Mike McClain.

We heard many voices of support for our columnists who give us and you the finest information available. When bettors say how enjoyable Denny the Dog is in football season, it reflects big-time on our entire product.

Oh, we have our critics and there are errors of omission and commission that rear their ugly type in issues. But when people take the time to give us the love, we must reciprocate. We’re low-key, high-brow, and not above feeling humbled to be in a business we truly enjoy. A toast from us to you. Let’s win!