That’s Mr. Smarty
to all you doubters

May 18, 2004 4:14 AM

Well if you didn’t believe before the Preakness, you just got to now after that rousing performance by Mr. Smarty Jones.

It just doesn’t get any better than that. Add another one for the little guy. Now it’s on to the Belmont and Mr. Jones will become a Triple Crown winner and the richest racehorse of all time.

The only downer about the Preakness was that it had to be on NBC, which as usual completely blew the coverage. For a horse player, it was just dreadful television. The network just doesn’t get it and never will.

The only good thing was Bob Costas, who said outright that he can’t pick horses. Instead, he was talking to some wiseguys and they said it was a good day to pick a closer, so he went with either Imperialism or Mariano Rivera. He was trying to make a joke, which I thought was pretty cut. Now all he has to do is admit he don’t know anything about sports either.

This past week must have been be kind to animals week as I gave all my money to the ponies. I think this week I will bet quarter horses. That way I can save 75 percent of my bankroll.

This Saturday will feature the $200,000 Peter Pan at Belmont and there may be one or two out of this race that could go on to the Belmont. From those running, Friends Lake (winner of the Florida Derby) will most likely go if he does well.

Also entered is Swingforthefences who should not go, but the trainer said he would consider entering if he runs a good race in the Peter Pan. Bobby Frankel will also have Master David in the race and stated that he would consider the Belmont only if David ran a huge race.

Frankel also made this statement about Mr. Smarty Jones. "He looked like a superstar. He looks like a cinch in the Belmont unless something goes wrong. He likes off tracks, he likes fast tracks, he’s always in the race and doesn’t need anyone to set the pace for him. He is a complete race horse."

Don’t’ forget if your not doing anything this Saturday stop over Ballys and go to the VIP lounge. There, you can meet the owners of Funny Cide and pick up their new book "Funny Cide" and pick up a bobble head.

Some San Antonio stroll!

Moving on to the NBA. As much as I despise the NBA some of those games where really exciting. I still can’t believe the Spurs let those Lakers whip them four straight!

In baseball, if you have been following the +1 ½ runs plus money as we suggested, it still has been a very good moneymaker. Not only with the +1 ½, but many of these have been winning straight up as well. Try making a double bet, $20 on the plus and $10 on the side itself.

If you were betting bases on Sunday and happened to have Astros with Clemens on the mound you just got to be sick. He pitched seven innings of two-hit shutout baseball, left winning two zip and his team went on to lose 3-2. It’s a dirty rotten shame these guys can’t pitch a nine inning game. In fact, it just discusses me to no end.

Tiger turning to kitty

Moving to golf, well I just got to. Sergio Garcia won his first PGA Tour event in nearly two years when he captured the first playoff hole to win the Byron Nelson Championship and $1,044,000. Yeah, that’s how much he won.

Tiger Woods continued his fall from the top. It just seems like last week that he was the most feared player on Tour. Now he has gone straight, not his drive though. He has a beautiful girl, a ton of cash and has become just another guy on the Tour. It amazes me what a beautiful woman can do for you. I think we need to re-name him "Kitty" Woods.

Looks to me that the Tiger has been tamed.