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Jim Feist launches online poker site

May 18, 2004 7:50 AM

Well-known sports handicapper Jim Feist has thrown his green eyeshade into the online poker arena by establishing a play-for-fun poker website,

Powered by software from Las Vegas from Entertainment (LVFH), the site features Texas Hold ”˜em poker, the game of choice for most tournaments, including the World Series of Poker, currently in progress in Las Vegas.

A combination of games, play tournaments and cash award tournaments will be available on the site. There will also be lessons on how to play and tips for winning.

Feist is a leading sports handicapper based in Las Vegas and GamingToday columnist. He said he developed the site to introduce players to the game that is sweeping the country.

"With the skyrocketing rise in popularity of Texas Hold ”˜em, I wanted to provide a free no-risk place for people to experience the thrill of no limit hold ”˜em poker games, especially the thrill of competing in tournaments, like those seen on television," Feist said. "This initiative to offer a free play site will encourage new players to try the game while both novice and experienced players will be drawn to the tournaments."