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Guide to keno info on the ‘Net

May 25, 2004 12:26 AM

This week we look at a few good keno resources online, for those of you who have Internet access. As far as good keno information online, the ”˜net is a vast wasteland, but here are a half dozen or so of the best links, with extracts:

"Aside from the financial aspect of the game, one of the reasons for the lottery’s popularity was that it also dealt with the peoples’ fortunes. An early version indicates that "fortunes" were written on small pieces of paper rolled up tightly and stuck into the sand in front of a pigeon or dove coop. The bettor selected a pigeon or dove that would fly down and pluck his or her fortune out of the sand. Great care was necessarily taken to select the proper pigeon, so one would receive a favorable fortune. This practice and the use of the birds to deliver the results of the game logically led to the nicknaming of Chinese Lottery as "The White Pigeon Game" or "The Game of the White Dove." Our present keno boards and Vortex displays still closely resemble a rack of pigeonholes."

Keno history: According to an ancient scroll, the history of Keno began when Cheung Leung introduced a game about 200 B.C. in China. CheungÕs city was at war for several years and supplies for his army were failing. The people of his city refused to contribute any more to the war fund, so Cheung created a game of chance to produce revenue to provision his army."

"How Keno was Born in Butte, Montana" by George Everett.

Before World War I, the underground mines in Butte boomed with three shifts a day. A dangerous mix of new drill technology and inexperienced immigrants new to the mines brought a dramatic increase in accidents and made for a situation where underground workers were gambling with their lives by going to work.

In such a town, full of high rollers, it isn’t hard to understand why gambling would be a favorite pastime. And the Chinese loved to gamble. According to a visitor to Canton named Osmand Tiffany in 1844 "the boys learned gambling as soon as they could talk, and pursued it through life."

Some free keno programs and some inexpensive shareware (try-before-you-buy) including Four Card Keno and 3-6-9 Keno.

History of Keno: Description of keno’s history.

Keno Games Explained: Instructions for playing all common keno games and ways.

Keno Tutorial: A Flash movie explaining the common keno games.

Keno Odds: Odds for standard games, and how to figure odds.

Glossary of Keno Terms

Keno Simulators: Links to keno simulators.

Keno links to related sites.

Keno Lil online! (By subscription.)

Cluster Keno: video keno strategy, news.

The keno list for players, keno writers and keno managers, or anyone who likes the ancient Chinese lottery, the game of keno. Ask your questions, share your stories. Current topic is "Who is the best keno manager in Las Vegas?"

John’s Keno Calculations

Payout Percentage: Game payout percentage for the specified hit number and bet. Varies by bet and payout only. Bottom number is game payout percentage.

Note: The individual hit payout percentages will remain constant from game to game as long as the bet and payout remain constant, or as long as the ratio between the two numbers remains constant.

Data Tables: links to U.S. and foreign casinos.

Well that’s it for this week! Good Luck! I will see you in line!