Playing in a zone

May 25, 2004 12:34 AM

Even when you know how to expertly set the dice, you could still find a problem at certain tables. The boxman or the dealers may talk to you to disturb your rhythm. Suddenly there are beautiful half-naked drink girls all around you. A floor person may start talking to you, asking if you want a free buffet.

All these things are done deliberately by the casino. They are all meant to distract you, to throw you off your rhythm, and encourage you to seven-out and pass the dice to the next shooter.

But is there some way you can filter out all the noise and proceed to shoot so you make money for yourself and the people betting on you?

Let’s find out.

When you are distracted at the table, you need to block out everything that does not contribute to your efficient shooting. You need to focus all of your energies towards obtaining the results you want from the dice in your hand. The easiest way to do this is to let your subconscious mind take over and go into your own personal "zone."

This is a place to go on a temporary vacation. Pick a favorite spot — the perfect beach, a beautiful mountain top, or perhaps an undersea grotto. Here, you can relax and temporarily leave the cares, worries and pit bosses of the world behind.

To accomplish this, you must concentrate and see your zone out of your own eyes. You must not see your body in a beach chair. You must see, out of your eyes, all the things around you. You should feel the hot sun upon you, and the gentle breezes blowing.

You must not be looking at the other end of the craps table, but at the ocean, or the mountain, or the trees. You should not be smelling cigarette smoke or stale drinks, but flowers or trees or the cool salty ocean. And finally you should not be hearing the drink girls, or the drunk players, or the floor people. You should be hearing gulls, gentle waves or wind rustling the falling leaves.

You can practice this all at home, of course. And when you do, have a trigger point so you can easily retreat back into your zone. You can touch a certain spot on your arm, for example, or you can recite a certain phrase, or hum a familiar tune. When your zone is triggered, you should be able to retreat there instantly, and let is sights, smells and sounds take over in your mind.

When you are about to shoot at the craps table, perform your trigger and go into your zone. Your subconscious mind will then take over and remember how to set, grip and throw the dice. You will not worry about the game hassles or anything else for that matter. When you finally do seven-out, you will most probably be awakened by the sound of applause, and you will leave your zone relaxed and invigorated — and have lots more chips than you did before!

So, have you ever wondered if there was a way to block out the irritating noises and distractions from the craps table?

Well, now you know!