Rap on pros:Vegas in line

Jun 1, 2004 1:03 AM

Felix Rappaport, the sports fan, believes Las Vegas will have a pro team. Rappaport, the boss at NY-NY, can’t pinpoint just when or what league will gamble on Sin City.

"Vegas has some great dining, retail, conventions, incredible hotel properties," Rappaport told GamingToday. "We have great gaming. The one thing lacking is some of the cultural elements that make a great city. But, we’re getting more of that."

Rappaport doesn’t dispute the chatter that pro football is out. "Obviously, nobody thinks the NFL will happen here," Rappaport said. "It seems to be possibly baseball, hockey or basketball."

"Las Vegas is really a great environment," he said. "If the casinos support the franchise with season tickets, boxes and things like that, it would certainly facilitate pro sports being successful."

For now, we’ll gladly settle for gambling.