Orleans to host classic rock bash

Jun 8, 2004 1:46 AM

West Coast oldies but goodies radio genius Art Laboe (honest, I thought he had passed on, too) hosts a concert of yesterday’s music at The Orleans Arena on July 10. I’ve celebrated 60 for a few years, so Laboe must be in his 80s! In any case, expect a lot of poodle skirts and penny loafers at this retro bash.

Another great Blast from the Past show heading our way features a couple of classic acts — Gene Pitney and the Lovin’ Spoonful — who will play The Club at The Cannery, July 2-3.

Another senior citizen joins the Stardust lineup when Bob Newhart returns to the Las Vegas stage July 7-10 after a long absence. Newhart is a very funny man with a dry sense of humor that shouldn’t be missed. And he’s still probably young enough to do "stand up" without the use of a cane or walker.

Locals should flock to the Casbar Theatre Lounge at the Sahara to hear one of their own, songbird Denise Clemente. She appears nightly at 8 o’clock and admission is free. Clemente has been an opening act through the years for numerous stars, but for some unknown reason has never reached the next plateau, which she deserves.

Another Las Vegas first takes place July 3 when LeAnn Rimes performs a night time concert on a floating stage on Lake Las Vegas that promoters are calling Stars on the Lake. If it works, you can bet there will be more "floaties."

One of my favorite impressionists, Bill Acosta, returns to the Suncoast, June 18-20, with a new show that includes a sensational medley in his own voice.

Steve Rossi invited The Rock along with a few of his other pals to his new restaurant for dinner and drinks. Everything about the place was great ”¦ the food, service and atmosphere. The surprise came when everyone was presented a check, even for drinks that that Steve kept pouring for everyone. Searching for the truth as your dedicated columnist, I discovered that Steve doesn’t own the place and that the owners are using his name and he gets a commission when sales reach a certain point and that’s why the wine keeps flowing and the checks keep coming. Mystery solved.

The city’s most inseparable couple — Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt and Dennis Bono — continue to make the party rounds. And, they look like they just got off the plane from Palm Beach. It’s obvious that Hunt has taken Bono shopping as he looks sensational. Maybe I can borrow some of his threads? I hear he’s also taking his only job very seriously telling his radio audience that his show is the future of broadcasting. Back to the future or future shock?

"The Vegas Show," which was once "Vegas Live," debuts on KVVU-TV on Monday at 10 a.m. and I hear it’s not a happy group with the power struggles from the old show continuing despite the new producer and director. I hear what’s going on can best be summarized by the old hit record, "Promises, Promises, Promises."

"The Casino," Mark Burnett’s unscripted drama from reality king Mark Burnett about the Golden Nugget’s Tim Poster and Tom Breitling, debuts Monday at 9 p.m. on Fox. In the series, the Golden Nugget is described as a landmark property "off the Strip" (about 15 minutes or more) in Vegas’ funkier downtown. I’m wondering if the producer of the show has actually visited downtown or just listened to Mayor Oscar Goodman’s description?

Another attempt to bring culture into Las Vegas takes place this weekend at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino when Las Vegas-based Casa Mia introduces six new Italian artists and two master craftsmen to America. The event is co-sponsored by long-time local art gallery, Art Encounter.

Now this is ridiculous. A yearly membership to the Hard Rock’s new nightclub, Body English, is $25,000, and it doesn’t even give you any weekend privileges at the club. I’d bet my leopard outfits that it’s just the beginning and that the "I can top that syndrome" will start very soon.

The Hawaiian Marketplace opened on the Strip with lots of possibilities. Its main problem is there are not enough Hawaiians and too many kiosks like you find everywhere else around town. It is, however, a great idea. Light up the tiki torches, slip into your sarongs and go Hawaiian. I have.