Champs find time for charity

Jun 8, 2004 4:02 AM

Carol, I am proud of you — you did it again at The Orleans in the Jr/Sr World Championship of Poker (WCOP) of No Limit Hold ”˜em Charity Poker Tournament.

There were 204 poker players who came from all over the world to play in your annual no limit hold ”˜em charity poker tournament.

I was very pleased when a lot of our friends from Ireland, England, Pakistan, France, Spain, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany and from all of the world came to play with us. It was truly a world championship event.

At the final table there were two of our friends from the Aviation Club in Paris: Teddy Tuil (who finished third), Sami Torbey (who came in eighth) and Carlos Fuentes from Pamplona, Spain (who finished ninth).

Then we had Marc Aubin and Dan Cormier from Canada, who finished in sixth and seventh, respectively.

I know that you are always happy to have everyone play in this charity happening, including those players from Las Vegas who honor us every year.

This year we were pleased to have a lady by the name of Kathy Liebert from Las Vegas finish in first position. Then there was another lady from Henderson, Patti Pfeil, who finished in fourth place. It is always nice to have a lot of ladies play in this event.

Then there was a name known by all in the poker world — Layne Flack of Las Vegas, a world class player who finished in tenth place at the final table.

One of the things that was so great about this tournament was that of the 204 players who competed, 100 percent of them contributed to "The Seniors" Charities by taking the $50 charity re-buy.

I know, Carol, that you want to thank Garrett Okahara (The Orleans’ card room manager), all of his staff — Marlin, Tom, Chris, James — the dealers, cocktail ladies, and everyone who arranged a wonderful (no smoking) place for the players. Not to be remiss, we especially send our thanks to Michael Gaughan and the other top brass at The Orleans.

Carol, we again need to say thank you to the poker players who helped you raise over $10,000 for "The Seniors" Charities during this annual tournament.

Moreover, "The Seniors" Charities wish to thank The Orleans for hosting the tournament each year and for inviting "The Seniors" Charities to return again next year.

Our daughter, Sarah Margaret Hale, won the prize for being the youngest player who played in this year’s event!

Sarah is a student at UNLV — she will be a doctor of child psychology in a few years with an emphasis on deaf studies. Sarah has won several local poker tournaments and will be a future world poker champion in less than five years.

During the opening ceremonies, the Sign Design theater group performed for the players. Sarah is a member of the theatrical group, which specializes in young people with hearing disabilities.

"The Seniors" Charities, with the help of the contributing poker players, arranged for The Sign Design theater to obtain a badly needed sound system.

Sarah plays as I teach —not as I play — and I teach better than I play.

Sarah won her entry into the tournament by way of a super satellite for only $60.

Yes, if you and the folks must know, I was the oldest player who played in the tournament.

We were book ends: Sarah was the youngest poker player and I was the oldest.

I have already said that Sarah plays better than I do — I lost all of my chips the first day — while Sarah had a lot of chips left at the end of the first day and came back to play with some of the world’s best poker players on the second and final day of the tournament.

Yes, there were many well-known players who came out to compete in this event.

Some of them wore the gold bracelets of the World Series of Poker and some have even won the WSOP championship.

  Many of the poker players were members of "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker Poker Players Hall of Fame.

Yes, there were a lot of other good things about this tournament.

Carol, you met your goal of over 200 players so that you were able to award $100,000 to the winner. But of course you allowed the final seven players to readjust the prize money.

Yes, the final seven players did readjust the distribution of the prize money when it got down to the final seven, so that each of them received about $50,000 down to $15,000 or so in accordance with the chip count that they had when the antes and blinds got really high.

"Oklahoma Johnny" Poker Tip of the Week

As noted, the final seven of the Jr/Sr World Championship of Poker divided up the remaining prize money that had not been paid out to the other winning players.

Each player must agree to this redistribution of the prize money or it cannot be done!

I recommend that all of you folks understand that it is the players’ money and if they decide to readjust the prize list, all of the remaining players must agree!

Here’s a tip on how it is done:

1. Count the chips that each player has left.

2. Count the money left in the remaining unpaid prize pool.

3. In this case there were seven players remaining so the seventh place payout was given to each of the remaining. (They would have won this if no deal had been struck.)

4. Seven times the seventh payout is now subtracted form the remaining unpaid prize pool.

5. All the chips are added up to determine the total of chips in play.

6. The remaining chips of each of the players is now divided by the total number of chips. This will now be each poker player’s fair percentage of the remaining unpaid prize pool after the seventh place payouts have been deducted.

7. This percentage is now multiplied by the then remaining money in the cash prize pool and this amount is now added to the seventh place prize money that each would have won if no readjustment of the prize pool had been agreed upon.

8. The tournament director now rechecks all the numbers and counts the money to make sure there is no error in the math.

9. Then the tournament director pays the remaining seven poker players their fair share of the remaining unpaid prize pool.

  When you folks are at the final table of a poker tournament and all of you agree to stop play and divide up the money, this chip count method is the way I recommend that you divide the money. But if someone does not agree, you cannot force them. So in that case just go ahead and win it all and you can take the money home and count it there.

Until next time remember to always stay lucky.

Orleans Top 10

Kathy Liebert $48,235 --- Las Vegas finish first and received the trophy

Steve Bartlett 32,290 ----Livonia, Mi

Teddy Tuil 27,125 ----France

Patty Pfeil 19,210----Henderson, NV.

Jim Misiti 18,525----Chicago, IL

Marc Aubin 12,045----Quebec, Canada

Dan Cormier 11,110----New Bruns, Canada

Sami Torbey 4,800----France

Carlos Fuentes 3,830----Spain

Layne Flack 2,890----Las Vegas

11th -20th each received $1,580