A close look at short-term strategy

Jun 15, 2004 2:52 AM

The reason I developed this new winning play strategy was mainly so that I could continue to consistently win while proving there are more than a few ways to do so — regardless of gaming bankroll or the amount of time spent on visits to the casino.

It is also a great way to earn comps through the use of the slot club card, which I always do with this type of play. Finally, also a very interesting and enjoyable way to play the game.

One of the more positive aspects of this strategy is that it does not encourage, induce, or assist addiction to the game — as does that dreaded long-term strategy the so-called gurus insist everyone should follow. It is based on pre-set goals, a firm bankroll requirement, a combined fun and work ethic, an understanding that more than 100 percent EV (expected value) games mean absolutely nothing when you go in to win today, and the discipline and determination to do what you say you are going to do while involved in casino action. Nothing is more important than that.

1. Your bankroll requirement is ALWAYS three times 400 credits of the highest denomination you intend to play in your session. In other words, if your highest level is expected to be dollars, then you should have a bankroll of $1,200 for gaming. If it’s $5, you’ll need $6,000. If it is quarters, then you need $300. If it is nickels it’s $60. This is a Play Strategy for everyone.

2. Choose games that are multi-game/multi-denominational, and they must have Bonus Poker or Aces Bonus Poker paying 10 credits for two pair — as well as either Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Triple Bonus Poker Plus, Super Double Bonus Poker, or Super Aces Poker. My preference in such a strategy is not to play Double Bonus Poker unless it is a 9/7/5 game at a minimum.

3. There must be at least three denomination choices on the screen, but four or more is preferable. The more choices, the higher the probability that you will win.

4. You must not alter your pre-planned play method at any time. To do so will mean almost a certain session loss.

5. Always play maximum credits on each hand. You always want that bonus if and when you are lucky enough to hit the royal.

For an example of play, I’ll assume a multi-denominational screen that has $1/$2/$5/$10 (similar to what I’d play), and I’ll explain the process with my particular session goals. You may choose any goals that are comfortable to you. It also could be 1¡/2¡/5¡/10¡ or any other combination, which makes this a very flexible strategy. For this example my goals are a simple $25 mini-session goal, where when reached, regardless of which denomination I’m at when reaching it, I automatically start another session on $1 BP; a $200 session goal; and I like to play at least four sessions a day — or until I win at least $1,000.

I play a hand on $1 BP. If I push or win I play another. If I lose I switch to $2 BP. On $2 if I push I play another. If I win two pair or higher I go back to $1 and start again. If I lose I switch to $5 BP. On $5 if I push I play another. If I win two pair or higher I go back to $1 and start again. If I lose I switch to $10 BP. On $10 if I push I play another. If I win two pair or higher I go back to $1 and start again. If I lose, I keep playing $10 BP until I attain the return-to-dollars position I was trying to get to by winning two pair on my first hand on the $10 game — or I lose 100 credits at the $10 level. I then switch over to one of the advanced BP games on $10 FOR THE REMAINDER OF 1/3 OF MY TOTAL BANKROLL until I win enough to attain the return-to-dollars position I talked about earlier, or I lose it. Then I start again.

You’ll find that you will win your mini-goal (or slightly over it) almost 50% of the time, while you will need to go into your top level denomination — or even into the advanced BP games at that level — in order to win the rest of the time. To compensate for that, there are times when a large winner is hit within your higher denominations, and you will be done for the day. You may also lose 1/3 of your bankroll, requiring you to start again. That hasn’t happened to me yet, but I am prepared for it by having a total gaming bankroll - as Rule No. 1 requires. The big wins will come, and they will replenish your losses and more. You must not play until you are also MENTALLY prepared 100 percent. Any deviations, wavering, uncertainty, or allowing yourself to be distracted by casino promotions nearly always spells doom in gambling.

One complaint might be that it is tedious constantly switching from denomination to denomination. It may be, but would you rather go home losing your shirt yet again, or with a few extra bucks in your pockets? I find it minimally tedious and extremely satisfying and enjoyable. Remember, at the higher levels that you have to go to only when losing, a huge winner could be there for you. Naturally, the ”˜gurus’ will find this distasteful because they are so compelled to play on and on that nothing satisfies as much as lightening-fast play. They just can’t wait for a machine to switch over denominations in order to play that next hand. They require the intermittent gratification of a winning hand as often as possible to approach compensation for all of their losses over the years. YOU can be different!