Burger King

Jun 22, 2004 1:56 AM

Meat quality: 8-oz, Angus

Type of fries: thin-shaped

Bun size: medium

Drink: various beverages

Order method: counter

Wait time for meal: 10 minutes

Price: $6.50 approx.

Atmosphere: fast-food venue

Rating/comment: 3 wimpys

On a tip from "Right On Ron," who can smell a new burger a mile away, came Burger King’s brand new Angus. It sounded good — sort of a Carl’s Jr. large burger without the drip. Well, we weren’t exactly thrilled with Carl’s effort and BK’s Angus left us wanting another burger — at another place. The Angus had no taste. The meat was thick, but dry. The roll was not the typical large sesame seed bun that we crave from the King. In fact, we wish the corporates would go back to the mid 1970s when the Whopper ruled and the logo signs featured the big buns. We hate the new design. Anyway, fast food burgers have generally gone downhill over the years. Angus, unfortunately, defines the decline.