Posters: online, on demand

Jun 22, 2004 7:03 AM

Most casinos are massive, sprawling affairs with amenities and facilities spread over a large area. One of the problems facing casino marketers is ensuring their patrons find their way through the jumbled landscape and reach the desired destination.

One of the solutions is stand-alone posters that can inform customers and guide them in the proper direction.

While many casinos print their own posters on premises, some don’t. So, how do the latter get their posters? Posters that will tell people how much the prime rib special costs. Posters that tell people when the weekly blackjack tournament will be held. Posters that announce the free roulette lessons.

The Lund & Manasse advertising agency has a solution: a do-it-yourself web site where marketers can create their own posters online.

The web site,, is the brainstorm of Jennifer Lund, the president of Lund & Manasse. Lund said clients go to the site, choose a background and write their own messages and have it printed on the poster of their choosing. The categories available to customers include the holiday seasons, food, beverage, gaming and sports.

After the customer chooses a message, the web site designs the poster, prints it and ships the final product to the client. The posters usually take five to seven days to create and three to five days to ship, according to the web site.

The quick turnaround was an impressive feature for Nancy McClaflin, marketing director at the Elk Valley Rancheria Casino in Crescent City, California. She said she has already ordered about a dozen posters and plans to continue ordering five or six a month.

Among the topics covered are Elk Valley’s brunches, prime rib diners and comedy show. McClaflin says the size is far bigger (28 inches by 22 inches) than can be produced locally and describes the customer service as "fabulous."

The relatively low cost was important to Buz Doyle, who oversees marketing for the Route 66 Casino near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Doyle added that the online access is a valuable tool for casinos in rural areas such as those on Indian reservations.

The speed and convenience of doing business online has been attractive to customers, Lund said, who compares the process to the travel industry, which allows customers to make their online reservations through agencies.

Lund said that about a dozen casinos, all in neighboring states, have contacted her for orders. She said that while the advertising agency is awaiting orders from casinos around the country, it is about to launch a campaign that will target bars and restaurants.