Trend shows zenwhen losing by 10

Jun 22, 2004 7:23 AM

Our buddy "Rocket" passed along a trend that has been solid this year. "Pitchers that make their major league debuts were 7-1 for their teams this season." Friday, the Twins made it 8-1, though trailing much of the game. Saturday, the Yanks made it 9-1 after calling up lefty Brad Halsey from the minors to face Anaheim. Then the White Sox put a rookie hurler up against the Montreal Expos, so we bet it.

I sent a nasty e-mail to Rocket when the Expos scored nine in the second inning to lead 11-1. Next thing I know it’s 15-11 and I’m thinking maybe there’s some kind of mojo thing going on.

Then it’s 15-14 and Hawk Harrelson can hardly contain himself in the WGN booth. I’m set to send an apology e-mail to Rocket when the Expos suddenly take a 17-14 lead.

The White Sox were held on downs in the ninth and I had a losing ticket. But we got our money’s worth and a trend to remember.