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‘Strategy’ is sound
but up to a point

Jun 29, 2004 2:09 AM

With the continuing onslaught of nonsense by the "expert strategy" gurus, my message of common sense in video poker seems to continue to stand tall above all the rest. And why not? Do you see me advertising my appearances, or blabbing in front of the cameras? Am I sponsoring games at locations and on cruise ships that have very questionable regulations? Is anyone paying me ANYTHING for answers, advice, information, or access to even one single area of my web site? Absolutely not, and therein lies the difference between what I do and what the others do. It’s ALL about the money my friends, and it’s all about how we go about getting it.

When any enthusiast stops, takes a step back, and looks at the entire video poker situation these days, it can mean a whole lot of good. Intelligent players know the casinos are without a doubt stepping up their efforts in tantalizing ways just to get more people sitting at the machines and to keep their regulars coming back for more. So then what are most players doing to keep a level playing field? Most do nothing at all, as they are led down those promotional paths weak-kneed and bleary-eyed. In general, human beings are no match for the powerful forces behind slot club marketing expertise.

My ongoing disagreement with a system that dictates we learn every mathematically perfect hold for the games we choose to play is based on simple common sense. And using strategy cards for anything other than expensive drink coasters defies logic. Does such strategy REALLY give anyone an advantage over any casino anywhere, when we all know casinos ALWAYS hold the edge over everyone who walks through their doors? Certainly it does not, which is a clear answer as to why some local casinos allow classes to be taught on-site in such a manner. How can I justify this type of statement? Because not one casino that I’ve approached in Nevada will let me stand up in front of a group of players and tell them how I play to win. And most amazingly, I’ve offered to do this FOR FREE, while the others receive pay for their efforts! Are you starting to get it yet?

Playing such an unforgiving game for profit seems almost to be a contradiction of terms to most. But just as in every life situation, it is interest, determination, discipline, follow-through, and a ton of self-respect that defines success in a person’s field, and it is the latter that often leads to failure in gambling. I realize very many won’t understand this nor will many want to, but there’s no way I would expect to have been a successful video poker player if I wasn’t both at peace with what I was doing as well as respectful of my health.

I truly believe that my winning play strategies are the answers people have been looking for since the machines were invented, and my results thoroughly support that. And without my very health-conscious approach to life, it would not be possible for me to do what I do when it comes to casino play. Over-indulging in food, alcohol, and spending too many hours inside smoky casinos all have extremely negative effects on the ability to win and stay a winner. Once again, everyone KNOWS that, only I’m the only one willing to come out and SAY it. While elementary in nature, most players just don’t want to hear that their other bad habits do nothing more than turn their gaming experience into another one of them — and likely the most damaging of all. Again, use your head.

I like to employ actual casino experiences within my articles in order to depict and support what it is I’m trying to say because I know people would much rather read about them instead of trying to decipher how a robot would hold certain dealt hands, or how to fill your spare room with a bunch of casino giveaway stuff that was obtained at 6 times their retail value — although you won’t hear it explained that way by the marketing specialist.

Advanced Romp-Thru-Town style of play is my latest — and I believe has the potential to become my most successful — winning Play Strategy ever. While difficult to play it is easy to learn, and my site clearly explains everything about it. At 12-0 in the early stages of professional play and 9-1 in practice sessions at my local tribal casino, its really off and running. I’ll give you an example from my latest trip to Nevada.

It was less than 24 hours before we were heading over to Hawaii for three nights (yes, I am able look forward to and enjoy non video poker-playing holidays whenever I choose to) and I decided to take a last minute trip to the Ramada Express in Laughlin for a session of my newest playing strategy. As usual, I took the proper bankroll for what I intended to do, and I had several pre-set goals. I wanted to win $1,000 and leave.

Because my style of play does not require that I sit for long hours, in between mini-sessions I took walks, saw a movie, and ever spent a half-hour riding a jet ski on the Colorado River. As usually occurs, when my final session was played and I attained my overall win goal, I immediately packed up and left.

Progressing in denomination as I’m not winning is a staple whenever I play, and is required in all of my strategies but one (Multi-Strike). On this day, when I hit the $5 royal for $25,540, it was just another testament to the fact that if I were simply playing dollars on and on like I used to years ago, a royal flush may not have even allowed me to reach my win goal. Today, however, my wins actually mean something — and some, like this one, can be very special.

I say this over and over again: You as a player can either choose to follow casino manager wishes and run around town chasing giveaways, multiple point promotions, free buffets, double royal specials, cash-your-check-and-win-$10,000 deals, or spin the wheel for a free gift — or you can choose to win money. There is a way to do that. That’s why I am here.