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LV Hilton’s IRApays off for us

Jun 29, 2004 6:10 AM

A tip of the hat to Las Vegas Hilton’s Director of Public Relations Ira Sternberg for cutting through the red tape and allowing the adjacent story to be told.

With the corporates so sensitive these days toward discussing any event, it was definitely a welcomed sight to get a quick "all-clear" from Ira to release the Hilton’s plans for upgrading the famed SuperBook in time for football season.

The hope is it will spark other major casino resorts to take the collar off the race and sports managers and give them more freedom to talk about the industry. GamingToday is in the business of promoting gambling so anything that makes our job easier is appreciated.

Though offshore gambling is illegal, we know it’s going on all across the country and taking money from Vegas by the day. In scanning some futures, we saw chess and our presidential race. You can bet the Republican party at -141 to win. The Democrats are a +131 underdog. We pass.