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It’s root beer, sun, small Seda bet

Jun 29, 2004 6:18 AM

It’s more doldrums than the underdog days of summer, so let’s not think about making money from the blood, sweat and tears of prize fighters.

Well, if you can find a book willing to take your action, it might be worth a small bet on Daniel Seda even if you’ve never heard of him. Let’s spend the sunshine drinking root beer and catching up on some notes, quotes and observations.

"I’m addicted to chaos," said Mike Tyson, who has apparently settled for 14 cents on the dollar in his $100 million lawsuit against Don King. Usually, a $14 million score would be worth a couple of Ferraris, but in Mike’s case it won’t come close to paying all his debts

”¦You see where Vitali Klitschko was given the Olympic torch to carry around his new hometown of Los Angeles? Kind of strange in these days of world-wide speculation as to which Olympic athletes are on the juice; Vitali was scratched from the 1996 Olympics because he tested positive (he said it was some medicinal stuff, of course). His kid brother, Wladimir, replaced him at super heavyweight and won a gold medal.

Seda, and of course you knew this, was the undefeated featherweight who quit boxing a couple of years ago after failing to get a rematch with then title-holder Derrick Gainer. They fought to a technical draw when Gainer’s face was busted up in the second round by an accidental head butt.

Seda has a much more difficult task than Gainer in Miami facing a local hero in former Olympic and pro champion Joel Casamayor, one of the best in the business. Casamayor’s only two losses, by disputed decision, were to Acelino Freitas and Diego Corrales (who meet Aug. 7 in what promises to be one of the summer’s best treats outside of a root beer float or a Smarty Jones start).

Casamayor is the definition of "slick southpaw" and he can punch a bit. Gainer, a left-hander hardly in the class of the Cuban exile, had Seda down in their 2002 opening round. Seda’s charge-ahead style was made for Casamayor’s counterpunching. Yet, the Cuban is 32 and perhaps looking ahead to rematches with Freitas and Corrales. Nah. It was just a thought. Save your money.

Roy Jones Jr. said he couldn’t get "up" for Antonio Tarver, who gave him a tussle in their first meeting, yet now he’s challenging Glencoffe Johnson, apparently Sept. 25. Used to be he’d fight policemen and mailmen, now he’s picking on journeymen. Sounds like Roy is already retired.

No one has written off Tyson more than I have. As soon as he came out of prison and went back to King, I called him a "loser" and said the first time he met a real fighter he’d lose (of course, I didn’t think Evander Holyfield was still a real fighter when they first met, but I made up for it with some money on the Real Deal in the rematch).

Have to agree with HBO commentator Larry Merchant, who refused to get on new Tyson bandwagon by pointing out it’s been more than a decade since Mike has beaten a bona fide opponent. Yeah, but the stuff that’s around now is not exactly Murderer’s Row. Like the idea that Tyson himself was unhappy with prospect of fighting Kevin McBride, the hapless Irishman. Instead, he gets former British champion Danny Williams for his July 30 return.

"If Williams had one testicle," said one fight manager, "he’d give Mike a lot of trouble. He’s got a great jab and a lot of talent, but he has absolutely no confidence. He reminds me of Buster Douglas."

Rumors keep swirling that Fluffy de la Hoya will be firing his latest trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., who was strangely quiet about being the world’s greatest after Felix (Imperfect) Sturm almost canceled the Bernard Hopkins showdown.

Adios, WBC and good riddance. Next would like to see IBF go down the same drain. Jersey governor trying to ban Tyson from the Garden State. Wish someone had done that for me. Only things I like in Jersey are oldtime fight guy Al Certo and the Irish Pub in Atlantic City.

Jersey-based IBF ruled that Jameel McCline is next for Chris Byrd, but said no purse bids. So Don King made McCline an offer he had to refuse — $100,000 or give the promoter options.

The Con King can keep doing that until he reaches one of his own indentured servants, like Andrew (Foul Pole) Golota. HBO fully booked for year with apparently no dates available for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Makes you wonder why it showed that dreadful double-header of Marco Antonio Barrera and Jermain Taylor against two guys (Paulie Ayala and Raul Marquez) in it for the last payday before retirement.

HBO’s Jim Lampley said Marquez was a "midterm" for Taylor. Sorry. The promising middleweight, who has been beating up old junior middles, still gets an incomplete. So does Barrera, who to my eyes seemed a bit gun-shy following his beating by Manny Pacquiao. Trouble was, Ayala (who always tries) had little.

Sorry, ESPN2 Friday Night Fights can’t get me to stop watching "Monk" on USA.