Station debuts no limit poker

Jul 6, 2004 5:50 AM

Starting Friday, Texas Station will start holding no limit hold’em poker sessions, just like the high-stakes championship games played at the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour and other venues.

"It’s the game you see on TV all the time," said Weldon Russell, Texas Station’s corporate director of bingo, keno and poker at the casino. "People don’t understand that it’s a very deadly game. You can be in and out in one hand."

The games at Texas Station will have a $100 minimum buy-in and a $300 maximum, with blinds of $2-$4.

"We want something that everybody is comfortable with," Russell explained. "We’re not looking for a great big game."

Most poker games have limits on how high bets can reach. In a no limit game, the player is limited only by the amount of chips in front of him.

Mike Doe, the casino’s poker manager, said that in offering a no-limit game, Texas Station is responding to a demand generated by television. "Players see this stuff on TV and they want to push all their chips in. The TV exposure is the best thing that ever happened to poker. "