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New EZ Baccarat debuts at the Plaza

Jul 6, 2004 5:55 AM

An innovative new table game, EZ Baccarat, has made its debut in Las Vegas and is attracting player interest at the downtown Plaza.

There is no commission in EZ Baccarat when bettors play the banker wager (traditional baccarat requires a 5 percent commission of their bet when wagering on the banker’s hand).

In addition, the banker wager pushes with any winning three-card hand totaling seven. The customer betting on the player hand loses his wager and the customer betting on the bank hand pushes the wager.

An insurance bet is also available called the Dragon 7, which pays 40-1 when the banker receives a winning three-card hand totaling seven. All other traditional baccarat rules apply.

"Every longtime baccarat player that has played the game has fallen in love with it because they can concentrate on the game and forget about the commission," said Phillip Flaherty, chief operating officer for Barrick Gaming Corp., which purchased the Plaza and other Jackie Gaughan properties. "It’s my belief that it won’t be long before this will replace the traditional game as the standard for baccarat players."

EZ Baccarat brings several benefits to both players and casinos over the traditional baccarat game. By eliminating the commission, there are no more disputes with customers.

Dealer error is also reduced while speed of the game is increased.

Instead of taking the commission, when the bank wins with a total of seven, the bank hand is a push or "barred" (similar to the barred result on the Don’t Pass in craps). The player hand loses as normal.

Nevada regulators approved the pushed hand and insurance bet last December. The game was installed in the Plaza on June 25. It is manufactured by DP Stud in Las Vegas.

In addition to adding EZ Baccarat to the pit, the Plaza is returning to the "Old Vegas Style" blackjack rules, Flaherty said. The house will stand on any soft 17, players can split and re-split aces up to four hands and players have the option to double down at any time.