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Practice safe keno

Jul 6, 2004 6:14 AM

If we stick to our plan of playing five or six dollars per game, but we want to increase our goal to a win of $8,000 or $9,000, there are two logical choices. We can play either a five or six-way-seven for a dollar per way or a 10 or 12-way-eight for 50 cents per way. Either one, if hit solid will put us in our desired winning bracket.

A six-way-seven is easy to construct. Two groups of three and three groups of four (4-4-4-3-3) will give you a six-way-seven. Alternatively, you could also play three groups of three and two groups of four (4-4-3-3-3), which is also a six-way-seven. Either of these tickets is playable and are among the best of the six-way sevens to play. The only problem with these tickets that I can see is that as a player, both tickets have some 8-spot and 6-spot ways that are can be readily hit, and if I don’t have them covered I won’t win anything. In other words, on the first ticket, (4-4-4-3-3), I could hit a solid eight, (4-4) and not win anything except a couple of dollars on the 7-spot. The problem is to cover the three-way-eight and the six, I would have to play almost as much on them as I would on the 7-spot ways.

Are there any good five-way-sevens? Mark 15 numbers, and circle two groups of four, two groups of three, and one king. (4-4-3-3-1). Four of the way sevens are made by combining a four and a three. The fifth seven is made by combining both groups of three and the king. Now there is a difference between this ticket and the six-way-sevens above. Although this ticket has a five-way-eight on it, in four of these cases a solid eight would also result in a solid seven, so in that way we’re covered. We can buy insurance on the last 8-spot (4-4) by playing it on a separate ticket. The 6-spot can be played on the same ticket as the sevens. Remember, we’re trying to avoid the situation where we have a substantial solid hit that is uncovered. Thus by covering the 8-spot (4-4) on one ticket for a dollar, and playing the five-way-seven and the one-way-six for a dollar on another ticket, we can achieve our goal for $7 per game.

A 10-way-eight can be constructed using five groups of four. This is of course one of the most popular way tickets of all time. At 50 cents per way, a solid eight will pay $8,000 to $10,000 or so at most keno games, and the ticket will cost you $5 per game. There’s not much more to say about 10-way-eights, because this is the best one you can play! As before, don’t play the 4-spots. Playing the 12’s and the 20-spot on this is problematical, because almost any substantial catch on these tickets will likely also include a seven out of eight.

You can construct a decent 12-way-eight by marking 18 numbers, grouped 4-4-4-2-2-2. Three of the eights are made by combining two groups of four, (4-4) while nine of the eights are made by combining one group of four with two groups of two (4-2-2). Now there is a 10-way-six on this ticket, but on nine of these ways if you hit a solid six, you’ll hit at least a six out of eight. In this way you have a little protection. The last 6-spot is the 2-2-2, which you can play for a dollar on a separate ticket for insurance, as it is possible to hit this solid six without getting squat on your eights. If we do this, we’ll have a 12-way-eight for 50 cents per way and a $1 six-spot for a total of $7 per game.

That’s it for this week, Good Luck! I’ll see you in line!