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Kerr ‘drags’ act to Sunset Station

Jul 6, 2004 6:17 AM

The master of drag, Kenny Kerr, finally returns to the Las Vegas scene. The fabulous female impersonator opens at the Madrid Room at Sunset Station Thursday and will appear there each Thursday and Friday for an indefinite engagement. If you’ve never scene Kenny in action, you’ve missed a classic.

The Stardust entertainment chief never realized that he was getting the female version of Andrew Dice Clay when he booked Joan Rivers. In fact, the Stardust showroom staff is still a buzz about River’s foul mouth and downright filthy language during her recent SRO engagement. I personally thought she was delicious, funny and topical. And, she looked fantastic, though she wouldn’t give me the name of her surgeon.

I’m hearing reports that she won’t be invited back after the hotel’s GM had to calm down Wayne Newton’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law who attended a performance and had to listen to a barrage of dirty insults about Newton that they didn’t think were funny. A couple of showroom employees said that Newton, who is on a summer-long tour, was telephoned during the show to start the fireworks. I’ve also heard that a good amount of people walked out asking for their money back.

On a positive note, the Stardust staff, though they know nothing about the show, is delighted to have the Siegfried & Roy-produced "Havana Night Club — The Show" opening July 30 for six weeks. A staff member told me that it really would have been a tough summer without the show because they don’t get paid when they don’t work.

Let me be the first to tell you that James Darren has been signed to an October gig at the Suncoast. I’ll always remember him as Moondoggie in the "Gidget" movies.

Off the Suncoast schedule is The Fifth Dimension. The veteran group violated its contract by playing in Henderson recently at the city’s new outdoor theater.

One of the funniest men in town is comedian/magician Mac King who works afternoons at Harrah’s. He’s also the main character of a new weekly nationally syndicated comic strip that includes instructions on how a child can do a simple magic trick. It was created and is drawn by his cousin, Bill King.

Much to my surprise, "V" at the Ovation Theatre in Desert Passage, is a hit. Dave Saxe has brought in Joe Trammel and Jeff Hobson to make it a very strong variety show.

I’m sorry to report that "Mamma Mia" lead Tina Walsh is out of the Mandalay Bay show for awhile with an injury.

It looks as though Kirk Kerkorian will be able to pay for a good hunk of his MGM Mirage acquisitions by selling of his MGM studios. Sony and Time-Warner are the leading contenders with the highest bid at Âí­GamingToday press time a hefty $5 billion by Time-Warner.

Finally, the long-awaited debut of the monorail is July 15 with a one-way ticket $3 and a roundtrip fare $5.50.

Congratulations to the cast and crews of "Mystere," which recently celebrated its 5,000th performance at TI.

The world’s most unusual contest takes place July 22-24 when the Riviera hosts the "World’s Most Beautiful Transsexual Contest." What’s frightening is I know a number of entrants.

Only in Las Vegas: Iran-Contra figure Oliver North is coming our way and you can spend an evening with him. For only $150 you can have a dinner buffet, drinks and an autographed copy of his new book, plus listen to him talk. Call the Tropicana at (702) 739-2411 for more information.

Planet Hollywood is less than 60 days away and counting and I heard it is becoming a tense time at the Aladdin with the current staff wondering what’s going to happen. New chief Robert Earl has been in town but no announcements have been made.