Angel Park Golf Club

Jul 13, 2004 4:10 AM

Meat quality: 8-oz, Grade-A beef

Type of fries: crispy

Bun size: medium

Drink: various beverages

Order method: servers

Wait time for meal: 15 minutes

Price: $9.36.

Atmosphere: bright, comfortable

Rating/comment: 5 wimpys

There is something about a golf course that brings out the best in burgers. Angel Park is just a 3-iron (or 4-wood) away from the Rampart resort. The restaurant is spacious and offers awesome views of the golf courses, practice greens and surrounding mountains. Such a feeling of serenity generates an appetite, especially in between nines. The burger quality is as good as it gets. Everything is just right, from the bun to the fries. The servers even offered several refills of our favorite beverage. We have often found golf venues to offer outstanding food, but many are a bit pricey. Angel Park is not. In fact, we were shocked when the total came in under 10. The golf rates are also reasonable. If you can stand the heat, enter this kitchen a lot. We were spoiled.