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Pick a slot tip, any slot tip!

Jul 13, 2004 5:26 AM

(Second of a two-part series)

Last week, we presented the first half of our list of 60 tips for slots players. For those who haven’t yet collapsed from slot-elbow exhaustion, here is the rest of the story.

31. A slot machine will pay out at the same percentage whether it’s day, night, a weekday or a weekend.

32. There is no system for winning at the slots, only a way to make your money last longer to give you a better shot at luck.

33. Playing today’s new video slot machines, you get the same percentage of payback whether you bet one coin or 90.

34. An unattended slot machine during busy hours could mean that everyone who has played it has lost and moved on.

35. There is no such thing as a slot machine that is overdue to hit.

36. In most casinos, only a few slot machines will be programmed to return in excess of 95 percent.

37. It is highly unlikely that you will ever play a slot machine long enough to experience the theoretical payoff percentage.

38. If you are fortunate enough to hit a large jackpot, under no circumstances play it again until you are paid off. In fact, stand up, back off and wait for an attendant.

39. Most of the machines in the big casinos are tied to computers where executives can look at a readout any time they want, to check a machine’s behavior.

40. If you are playing on a progressive machine, and you are either winning or losing a little, don’t leave! Stay as long as you can. This is, temporarily at least, a good machine!

41. Finding the loosest machines in a casino is the key to winning. How to find them, is the dilemma.

42. Even if you did somehow manage to find the casino’s loosest machines, and if you played them millions of times, you would still eventually go broke, only slower.

43. Sometimes the maximum number of coins in a lower denomination machine doesn’t pay back as much as a single coin in a higher denomination.

44. When you choose to play the slots, you must be prepared psychologically, to lose all your gambling stake.

45. Make it a habit to always hit the cash out button when you leave a machine, even if you are sure that you have no credits left.

46. It’s been my experience that the tightest machines are placed around the table-game pits, with the end machine, the one facing the pits, the worst.

47. All slot placement decisions have been made with a single thought in mind: encouraging more slot play and increasing the slot play of the people currently at the machines.

48. Never play the four- and five-coin slot machines. The percentages are no better, and you will just lose your money faster.

49. In a typical bank of 12 slot machines, the probable placement will be something like this: One loose, three tight, and the rest midrange.

50. One of the most important things you can do to get something back of value from a casino is to join their slot or player’s club.

51. Don’t get locked into the financial insanity of thinking "Jackpot! Jackpot! Instead, think, " Small win! Small win! Small wins are good! Like a bird building its nest, twig by twig, so must you build your bankroll, small win by small win.

52. If you play with credits using the bill acceptor, put in a single $5 or $10 bill, and when you double your money, or lose your credits, move on.

53. Keep an eye out for the banked bonus slots (Piggy Bankin, Wild Cherry Pie, Buccaneer Gold etc.) that have a high bonus that someone has abandoned. Play one coin at a time only until you get it, or until you lose the amount of the bonus, then move on.

54. Build up a notebook filled with the best paying slot machines in each casino you frequent. Write down the type, serial number, location, and win/loss figures. Keeping a record is the only way to chart honestly how you are doing.

55. Talk to the other players and casino personnel about where the loosest machines could possibly be found. Although they may not know, there’s no harm in asking, and every bit of information helps.

56. If you want to keep your losses down while waiting for luck to happen, play the two-coin machines only.

57. Keep up to date when casinos have those bonus days — like when they give double or triple points. Play on those days only.

58. Generally, the loosest slots will be found in the Las Vegas casinos.

59. Keep the promises you make to yourself. Leave when you reach your win or loss limit.

60. And finally, buy some video poker software or video keno guide books, learn how to play, and forget the slots altogether. Video poker has a much higher return and video keno has a much higher payoff.