Golden Gaming offers smokers 'faux' cigarettes

Apr 22, 2008 7:04 PM

By David Stratton | The ban on smoking in Nevada taverns and convenience stores has put a chokehold on those businesses’ gaming operations.

But Golden Gaming hopes to find breathing room by offering a smoking alternative product, NJOY, in its 45 taverns in Northern and Southern Nevada.

NJOY is a battery-operated, tobacco alternative, available in cigarette or cigar form. It’s non-flammable, and reproduces the smoking experience by allowing users to "puff" a vapor that contains nicotine and releases a mist that evaporates into the air.

The ingredients in the faux-cigarette include water, propylene glycol, nicotine and a scent that emulates a tobacco flavor.

NJOY’s website says none of the ingredients is considered cancer-causing, and that the Food and Drug Administration deems propylene glycol safe.

"Golden Gaming’s priority is to provide our guests and players with the optimum level of service, comfort and amenities at our 45 tavern locations," said Steve Arcana, vice president of operations for Golden Gaming. "By making NJOY products available to our patrons, we are providing them access to a smoking alternative to allow uninterrupted entertainment inside our establishments."

Golden Gaming’s Golden Tavern Group includes 37 taverns operated under the Sierra Gold and PT’s brand (PT’s Gold, PT’s Pub and PT’s Place) in Southern Nevada, as well as taverns in Northern Nevada.

The company also operates casinos in Colorado, where smoking has been banned for more than a year.

"We have experienced a great deal of success with distribution of NJOY products at our gaming subsidiaries in Colorado and are exited to introduce this revolutionary product to the Nevada market," Arcana said.

NJOY is produced by Sottera, an Arizona-based company, which took two years to develop the tobacco alternative.