The Seniors at The Orleans a big success

Jul 20, 2004 1:37 AM

Carol, I am so happy for you and "The Seniors" Charities.

I would like to remind the folks that you are the president of The Seniors Charities and for the past several years you have hosted The Seniors World Championship of Poker No Limit Hold’em Charity tournament at The Orleans.

The poker happening was held last Thursday during the annual Orleans Open Poker Tournament (July 10-25).

I know you want to thank Bryan Gruden, the young guru of poker directors and director of poker tournament operations for The Orleans.

Bryan and his staff did a great job with the tournament that ran like a well-oiled machine.

I remember it was Bryan who helped so much during the $100,000 guaranteed Jr./Sr. WCOP Charity no limit poker tournament held in May at The Orleans.

We must not forget to thank Garrett Okahara, card room manager and staff that includes Marlin, Tom, Chris, and James, the dealers, cocktail servers, and everyone for the wonderful (no smoking) tournament room for the senior players. We’d be remiss if we didn’t recognize the generous help of owner Michael Gaughan and all the top brass at the Orleans for inviting us each year to host this tournament.

The players in this years The Seniors tournament would read like a Who’s Who of Poker and they truly came from all around the world to play poker with other seniors. Overall, there were 176 senior poker players who came to play.

A total of $13,975 was contributed to The Seniors Charities by the senior poker players. All of the players made a total of 559 re-buys during the re-buy period.

Eight members of The Seniors WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame played in this year’s event as well, including "Fearless" Frank Henderson, Oklahoma Johnny Hale, Marie Stern and her husband Max, Len Miller, Carol Ann Hale, Howard "Tahoe" Andrews and Puggy Pearson.

The winner was "Back-to-Back" Jack Duncan of Newport, Wash., who took home $12,630 plus the trophy

Jack won this same tournament last year — it’s almost unbelievable to be able to win the same no limit poker tournament two years in a row. Just ask Chris Moneymaker (last year’s WSOP champ).

A total of $34,145 through 18th place was paid out to the winning players. The top nine were:


Jack Duncan

Newport, Wash.


Gordon Luchonok

Dearborn Heights, Mich.


Charles Newton

 Las Vegas


Steve Krogness

Long Lake, Minn.


Vince Napoli

Riverview, Fla.


Christa Simmions

 Bellingham, Fla.


Richard Rashid

 Lansing, Mich.


Maria Stern

 Las Vegas


Joe Tarabochia

 Las Vegas


”˜Oklahoma Johnny’ Poker Tip of the Week

Live long and prosper:

Phil Hellmuth one of today’s young champions, told me at this year’s WSOP, "Johnny, I only have 12 years to wait and then I too can play with you in The Seniors."

I told him, "Yes, Phil, and I will still be there."

The Seniors WCOP tournaments are a little different than other poker tournaments.

The players have been tested by the fires of life. They have had their ups and downs and have learned when to hold them and when to fold them.

The Seniors of poker have lived life and took care of business and The Seniors play poker like ladies and gentlemen.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!