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S&R’s cartoon on the ‘blue’ side

Jul 20, 2004 2:26 AM

One would think that Siegfried & Roy’s favorite color — because of their tigers and lions — would be white. Yet, I believe it’s green. For years the duo has taken pride in bringing family entertainment to the Strip. They were always so proud that their audiences ranged from kids to grandparents, but things are a changing. Family entertainment doesn’t work on television, so S&R have turned their tails away from their young fans. Their new NBC television series "Father of The Pride," despite being a CGI-animated sitcom, has a mature edge, according to the New York Daily News.

According to the newspaper, one episode about panda mating (Siegfried & Roy don’t even have pandas), is full of sex jokes. Another about a cub suspected of catnip possession is loaded with drug jokes. There is sexual innuendo throughout, and words like "bitch" are used in the context of beyond. I’m sure such content is going to bring a lot of disappointment to S&R fans, which is a shame after all the support they’ve given them through the years. I guess money talks very loudly.

Although not performing, Siegfried & Roy are also making headlines locally as producers of the Stardust-bound "Havana Night Club — The Show." Members of the production, slated to open a six-week engagement July 30, are still in Cuba and barred from entering the United States by the Cuban government.

The Stardust is promoting the show on its web site as if there are no problems and included a quote from Siegfried & Roy. It says, "We’ve witnessed the magic of this show and felt compelled to bring its electrifying energy to Las Vegas. This is one party you can’t miss."

I’ve been told that they only saw the show on videotape, the same tape used to sell the show in Las Vegas. Cuban entertainers attempting to attend award shows earlier this year in the United States were also not given visas.

None of the news releases or stories written elsewhere noted that Siegfried and producer Nicole Durr attempted to bring the show to The Mirage last year (long before Roy’s awful accident) but were turned down for possible political reasons by the hotel. The visa problem existed then, too.

Striving to overcome the early horrific reviews of the movie "Catwoman," the Brenden Theaters at The Palms has put together a food combo deal that will partly benefit the Las Vegas Natural History’s Cat Exhibit during the film’s showing at the theater. For "only $13.65," according to a release, a buyer will receive two large fountain drinks, one supersize popcorn and a free Kit Kat candy bar. The museum will receive 50 cents from each meal sold between now and Aug. 29, which I find to be no big deal. The anti should be much higher as the cost of soda is dirt cheap!

"The Vegas Show" with Sheena Easton and Brian McKnight has been laid to rest, though the producer claims it is only temporary prior to it resurrecting itself as a national show. What I don’t understand is why anyone would want to buy a local show that never drew a full rating point (it hit 0.9 once)? And, isn’t it a tad late to add a syndicated show into the marketplace? Don’t the networks and local stations have their programs in place already? And, why would a show go on hiatus before going into syndication? Wouldn’t it be better to work out any glitches while still on the air? Or, does FOX 5 prefer to have it eliminated from its schedule and the Golden Nugget out of its showroom immediately? So many questions, so few straight answers!

The monorail is simply fabulous. All the properties involved with our city’s newest entertainment attraction did a smashing job of launching the attraction, though they did slight some entertainment folk who really had no control of the monorail’s route. I’m predicting it to be a huge success, especially to first time visitors.

Congratulations to old pal Ira David Sternberg on his new post of VP of Communications and Community Relations at the Las Vegas Hilton. They need his help and he’ll do a bang-up job.

Entertainer Dennis Bono, whose current fame along with his KJUL radio show is that he’s dating Lt. Gov. Lorraine Hunt, is calling Orleans and Suncoast headliners telling them that it’s okay for them to appear on his radio show now that Boyd Gaming and Coast have merged. Coast bosses have always had an edict that their headliners couldn’t do shows based at other hotels. Bono’s show originates from Sam’s Town, a Boyd hotel. If things have changed, the Coast folk don’t know anything about it. Stay tuned as I expect some government intervention.

I’m hearing reports that Steve Wyrick continues to change his show and that packed houses are giving him two and three standing ovations a night. Steve’s about to launch a new "magic on the street" segment that I really believe will stop traffic”¦ foot traffic, that is.

Capo’s Fine Italian Dining on west Tropicana on weekends features Randy Martin and his "Martinis with Martin Show," a romantic and musical tribute to the legendary Dean Martin.