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Yes, the numbers do hit in clusters!

Aug 3, 2004 6:42 AM

Who says keno numbers don’t land in patterns?

Actually, a few weeks ago a reader questioned how keno numbers could land in geometric patterns, or "clusters" as I like to call them.

I can’t say why it happens; only that it does happen and it’s up to us to try and win with those patterns.

For that reader, we’ll call him Harold for the sake of generosity, I’d like to offer a visual aid, the accompanying photo of a 20-card keno screen.

Obviously, I wouldn’t post a picture of a losing keno game, but the point I was hoping to make was the way the numbers "fell" into the clusters I had marked.

Look carefully and you’ll see that of the 16 numbers marked, 11 landed in the cluster. That’s a pretty staggering occurrence, considering the odds are about 29,000-1.

Readers may recall that I offered this pattern a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it consists of two groups of eight numbers that "contain" eight 7-spot cards marked under each of them.

In order to protect myself, I usually also mark four additional 8-spot cards, just in case the numbers just miss.

That brings the total number of cards played up to 20, the maximum the machine will allow.

Catching the alternate 8-spot is precisely what happened with the clusters shown in the photo. Fortunately, I "reversed" the patterns as I often do, mostly because I was getting quite a few six-out-of-eight hits and felt like the machine could step up and hit either seven or eight of my chosen numbers.

Thus, when seven numbers landed in the group of eight 7-spot cards, I caught one solid 7-spot (at a payoff of 7,000 for one) plus seven 6-of-7 hits(at a payoff of 335 for each of the 6-of-7s) for a tidy payoff of 9,345 credits.

Add in other payoffs for less significant hits such as 5-of-8, 6-of-8, 5-of-7, 4-of-7 and 3-of-7 and you have a total jackpot of 9,638 credits.

Note in the photograph that the two groups of eight numbers that actually contain the eight 7-spots overlap each other (both groups share the numbers 23, 33, 43 and 53). The idea of "flip-flopping" your bets — switching the 7-spot tickets from group to group — is not a bad philosophy. It often helps to make slight variations in your patterns. The results can often be dramatic.