Games for guys!

Aug 3, 2004 6:48 AM

Guys who like slots (or even those who don’t!) may enjoy these two fantasy-expanders from IGT.

The first is the Terminator video slot series that capitalizes on the wildly popular Sci-Fi film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The other slot is less intense, Nurse Follies, but still appealing enough to stir the desires of guys who like women in starched white hospital uniforms.

The Terminator is a 5-reel, 25-line machine that lets players bet up to 125 credits per spin (up to five credits per line).

The real fun begins when the machine pops into one of two bonus modes. The first, the Terminator Red Eye Bonus, is initiated when three or more Red Eye symbols land in any position on the reels.

The player selects one of five possible responses and can win from four to 100 times the original line bet.

Crush the Terminator Bonus is the other bonus round that initiates when three Crush The Terminator symbols land on reels 1, 2, and 3 of a played line. The bonus round has a potential of awarding up to a whopping 1,560 times the initiating line bet. But players have to "work" for their pay!

The first five rounds of the Crush the Terminator Bonus begin with six tiles at the bottom of the screen. Each tile hides a weapon, a Throw ”˜Em All! symbol, and the robotic-skeleton head of the Terminator.

If the player selects a weapon, the game awards the credit value associated with the weapon, the Terminator takes a hit and another round starts.

If a selected tile reveals Throw ”˜Em All!, the game awards all credit values available during the round, the Terminator takes another hit and the next round starts.

If a robotic-skeleton tile is selected, the bonus round ends.

However, if the player makes it all the way to the sixth and final round, he or she gets to "crush" the legendary bad guy and win the big award.

The Nurse Follies video reel slots is a nice change of pace, offering hilarious hospital hijinks in a 6-reel, 20-line game.

As with most new games, the bonus rounds are the highlight of the action. The Hospital Charges Bonus round begins with a nurse presenting a lengthy bill and the player is prompted to pick an envelope. Envelopes contain either credit amounts or additional bonus play (Eye Exam, Typo or X-ray).

Players continue to pick envelopes and earn credits until the Wrong Bill envelope appears, ending the bonus round.

The Daily Funnies Bonus round starts when two Daily Funnies symbols appear. Players are prompted to pick three of the 12 Daily Funnies symbols to reveal credit values or multipliers.

The bonus ends when all credit values are multiplied by any Daily Funnies bonus multipliers, and the total bonus credits are awarded.