For those inquiring minds, here's keys to success

Apr 22, 2008 7:00 PM

The Undeniable Truth by Rob Singer | Yes the many questions come fast and furiously every week after each article is published.

I welcome every comment, question and vent. Always, they are answered. So I thought it would be interesting to review the highlights of the heaviest hitters from what Iíve received and how I responded to them in the past. Sometimes it goes back some seven years.

My position on casino tipping: Always to bartenders, valet parkers, drink gals and waiters/waitresses. Never tip the cashier, especially those who give your hand pays at machines. Why is this? Well, there is no reason to do it and every reason not to. Youíre risking your money and you hit a winner. Since the machine wonít pay it, you require a hand pay. If you go to the cashier with a winning ticket, why should they receive some of it?

How long does all that take anyway Ė five to 10 minutes? If you are awaiting a $1,000 hand pay, is that worth $20 or more? Tell me, do you find yourself tipping your bank tellers for basically doing the same thing? Why do some people not blink while handing over a portion of their winnings to a stranger in a casino?

The whole tipping business in gambling revolves around intimidation and plays on peopleís fears. You know those last five $20 bills most casinos give you on jackpot payoffs? You think they do that so there will be change to give to your kids later?

Then thereís the sudden roundup of floor people congratulating you after hitting a $5 Royal or similar jackpot. You hear all that well-wishing chatter, sometimes even from the suits. What does it really mean?

You receive a wad of hundreds and every surrounding employee is drooling. They await you counting out several of the bills for the purpose of handing them over to say "thanks"! Thanks for what? What were they doing while you lost earlier? Gambling offers no guarantees. When you win, there is no entitlement to anyone but you.

Carrying huge amounts of cash: I do it all the time and have absolutely no problem in doing so. Why? Because I use my head. I almost always valet park and never put myself in a compromising situation. How does anyone know what Iím carrying anyway? Is it written on my shirt?

Itís all in your own perception. If youíre going to be nervous and show it after you either win big or go to the bank to get gambling money, youíd probably be better off playing 10-cent bingo at the local church on Saturday afternoons rather than gamble in casinos. If you think everyoneís out to get you, youíll never have a good time even if they arenít.

Face it folks, thereís few places on earth safer than the casinos. Security personnel are everywhere and so are the cameras. They are all there to protect you! Some people wonít valet park because of the buck or two tip they are expected to shell out later. However, they have no problem dropping $80 at the machines! Use your head when you carry money and everything will be fine.

How to leave a winner like I do? For most people who come in for a few days visit, itís nearly impossible. Why? The laws of nature I guess. Iím a professional gambler, who sets win goals and then leaves. Period. Thatís what I do. The majority of visitors can win big today and say they arenít going to play again. The reality is that ambience and temptation almost always win out.

All I can do is advise those who are interested in what is really the only way to consistently win. I can only hope they understand and approach their trips in somewhat similar fashion. I know itís not easy and nearly non-existent for vacationers and partying fun-seekers to do as I do. So long as they get the point, because it can be done.

With the W2Gís from gambling, who does your taxes? No one, but me. It is not a daunting task if youíre prepared in every facet. And audits, while challenging at times, are not nightmarish if you respect your auditor and what the Government is trying to accomplish. If you think theyíre out to get you, then your goose is cooked. If you believe theyíre simply looking for accountability that makes sense, then if you do the right things itís nothing but an inconvenience.

Do all your critics ever get to you? Never. In every single instance of attacks against what I do, how I do it or what I say and how I say it, Iíve turned it around into the faces of those making the unsupportable assertions. When I came onto the video poker scene in 2000, I did so prepared and determined.

My primary mission was to win money and that has come to fruition many times over. I also wanted to help as many players as possible see the light that evaded me for over six years as an optimal-play expert before I woke up. I have been succeeding in that endeavor on a continuing basis.

The critics are always there. Some will never learn. Since I was prepared for every bit of it, the bad-mouthing simply rolls off my shoulders. I attribute most of the criticism to the fact that winners like to hear about others who succeed. Losers hate them. I am hated by a select few for my views and reported results. Most people are not like that, but then again, they are not advantage players.