Detroit entrepreneur Barden still struggling

Apr 22, 2008 7:00 PM

by Ray Poirier | Detroit entrepreneur Don Barden, who operates the Fitzgerald’s Hotel/Casino in downtown Las Vegas, is still struggling in his efforts to build a casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Barden was granted the license in December, 2006, but has encountered problems ever since. One of the big problems has been litigation filed by losing bidders. Although Barden has prevailed, the time lost will add several million dollars to his construction expense.

Last week, Barden petitioned to be relieved of his commitment to donate $3 million to help revitalize Pittsburgh’s Hill District. He had made the commitment as part of his application for the much-sought after license. Several changes made by city officials, he says, have eliminated the reason for the donation.

He also announced that he hopes to have $800 million in loans available by May 19 so that he can begin the construction.