Players find ‘mother lode’
at Eureka casino

Aug 24, 2004 6:12 AM

Over the past decade, the Eureka Casino has become a favorite hangout of Strip dealers who want a place to unwind after their shift ends.

On any given night you can find dealers from the nearby Sahara, Stratosphere, Riviera and other casinos bending an elbow at the large horseshoe-shaped bar, and commiserating over the day’s tribulations.

Located at the corner of Sahara Avenue and Sixth Street, the Eureka is also a favorite of low-rolling slots and video poker players, who enjoy the range of modern machines, from 100-play video poker to 20 card video keno.

Small by hotel-casino standards, the Eureka is nonetheless a gold mine for local players who like friendly, personal service and cheerful change people.

There’s nothing fancy here. There are no table games, no bingo, no lounge entertainment and no hotel guest room.

The café is modest, seating only about 75 people, but serves satisfying specials at bargain prices.

Some of the café’s offerings include a 16 ounce Porterhouse steak dinner for $7.95, a friend shrimp place for $4.95, a giant chicken fried steak dinner for $4.99, New York steak and eggs for $4.99 and a ham steak and eggs breakfast for $4.99.

Slot players might be interested in the Eureka’s free monthly slot tournaments. Simply sign up (it’s free) as a Eureka player, and you can play — at your convenience — for 10 minutes on the casino’s designated tournament machines.

At the end of the week (midnight on Saturday), the player with the highest points total is awarded $50 and invited to play in monthly tournament, held at 7 p.m. on the month’s final Sunday.

Six players participate in the monthly tournament (four weekly winners and two players with the highest point totals), with the winner taking $250.