LVH’s SuperNova promo has star quality

Aug 24, 2004 6:14 AM

A promotion game with a top prize of $1 million at the Las Vegas Hilton is entering its fourth week and producing the kind of results casino officials were hoping for when the game was introduced.

The SuperNova space themed game has generated thousands of new member sign-ups in the Las Vegas Hilton’s new Resorts International Club as well as significant increases in gaming revenue in the Space Quest Casino, according to a release issued by SCA Promotions, the company putting up the grand prize. The Space Quest Casino is a themed area of the Hilton’s casino, according to hotel spokesman Ira Sternberg.

"SuperNova has transformed the Space Quest Casino into a high-energy environment," said Skip Sayre, vice president of brand marketing for the Hilton. "People want excitement when they visit Las Vegas so we turned to SCA to deliver it. This one-of-a-kind game is one of the splashiest promotions we’ve had, increasing casino traffic and club sign-ups ahead of our projections."

Players need to sign up for a Resorts International Club card, which is swiped to activate a touch screen console that can be seen by other guests on three 30-foot video screens. The object is to reveal the word "million" by blowing up stars before the SuperNova explodes. As each star explodes, a roar sounds and the floor vibrates and lights rotate overhead.

If the SuperNova explodes before "million" is spelled out, the player automatically wins a prize. If "million" is spelled out completely before the SuperNova explodes, the player wins $1,000,000, paid in full in one lump sum by SCA Promotions.

A player can earn a second shot at the $1 million by earning 50 points on the same day they sign up for their card. Points are earned for slot, video poker and table game play.

Other prizes include specialty gifts, Star Trek tickets, concert tickets or free buffets. The promotion runs through Oct. 15.