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Millionaire 777s lives up to billing

Aug 31, 2004 4:34 AM

Bally Gaming and Systems reports that Joan Kunzler of San Diego lined up the winning symbols and hit the jackpot for $1,866,641 on a Millionaire 777s progressive slot machine on Aug. 23, at Viejas Casino.

It started out as a boring day on Monday for Kunzler and her friend Kelly Balzer. Since it is summer vacation for Kunzler, an eighth grade school teacher, she and Balzer decided to head out to Viejas on a whim. "Lunch, gamble and shop. That was the plan," said Balzer. But Kunzler deposited six dollars in the slot machine and hit the jackpot on her third pull.

During the jackpot verification process, Kunzler’s friend began to play at a progressive slot machine and hit a jackpot of $3,000. Thus a boring day turned into a lucky and certainly winning day for both women.

Kunzler can choose to receive her winnings either in one lump sum or have it paid out in annual installments over the next 20 years.

The exciting progressive slot game features an initial million-dollar top award that grows the more the games are played. The mammoth Millionaire 777s jackpot can be hit at any one of the 15 casinos throughout California that offer the Millionaire 777s games. In addition to the national Native American link that includes California and Connecticut, a statewide link in Nevada, Mississippi and one in Atlantic City offer separate Millionaire 777s wide-area progressive systems.

As of Aug. 23, the Millionaire 777s progressive link has paid out an impressive $25,525,514 to lucky winners nationwide.