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Q&A for GT’s new sports site

Aug 31, 2004 7:43 AM

Since GamingToday announced it was launching a sports handicapping web site, there have been numerous calls from readers interested in the service or concerned about the future of the newspaper.

In order that readers better understand the service, here are the answers to several key questions that have been voiced over the past two weeks.

Will the newspaper be affected or will some features be moved to the web site only?

The newspaper will remain intact with nothing — absolutely nothing — extracted from the pages of GamingToday and moved to the members-only web site. All of our existing sports handicapping features will remain in place; we’ve retained all of our great columnists; and of course, our exclusive Bookies Battle returns for another smash year.

Why did GamingToday launch the service?

After last year’s football season, we were contacted by players who wanted to purchase our selections. Some even wanted to send money to us to bet for them (which isn’t legal!). Since we had no mechanism for marketing selections, we decided to put one into place.

How do you reconcile offering handicapping tips with providing gambling news?

It’s been our mission statement since 1976 that we provide News You Can Bet On, and the new web site simply takes that philosophy to another level. We’ve come to believe there is a market for this type of service and we fully intend to cultivate that market.

What will the web site provide, specifically?

For horse players, Richard Saber will handicap all the races on the California circuit. In addition to tabbing likely winners, he will offer Pick 3’s and other exotics. For sports bettors, we’ve so far only formulated a plan for the football season. Each week we will post a thumbnail synopsis of every boarded college and NFL game that will include an opinion vs. the point spread. In addition, each of our three handicappers will offer from three to seven selections for NCAA and NFL games that week.

Will your web site selections differ from the newspaper’s?

In instances where the handicapper offers an opinion in the newspaper, he may use the selection on the web site as well. However, since the web site will be a "late" service, he may alter his selection because of a late injury or another extraordinary circumstance. Those instances will be well-documented.