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Do you believe in MAGIC?

Sep 7, 2004 3:32 AM

The MAGIC convention is our annual fashionfest in which celebrities pitch their garments and labels. (My label will be ready next year — they’re gathering the feathered boas.)

Anna Nicole Smith had a party at Body English in the Hard Rock and invited Frank Marino and the cast of La Cage. My darlings, everyone went in full drag. It’s great when the lines between fashion and life are blurred!

Also, a new clothing line from Nicky Hilton seemed to buzz the town. She was here straight from her Vegas marriage. And they said it wouldn’t last! Puff Comb also has new wears that should be great if you like the Slauson look.

We know that The Aladdin now is officially Planet Hollywood. What we have to understand is that it is a new venue. We are looking forward to this. Planet Hollywood, I hope you find the main entrance. I’m still trying to locate it!

As I wrote in this column before, David Brenner is the new headliner at the Hilton and in a new relationship with former skater, Tai Babilonia.

The Algiers, one of my favorite old hangouts, is coming down. Sure, it had some good memories. We now have the New Frontier soon to be exploded making way for Donald Trump. Wynn’s resort continues to blossom like a sunflower on a spring day.

Good news for downtown: The Golden Nugget’s Casino Reality TV show has not been picked up.

Sad news for the Strip. The Havana Night Club, one of the best new shows that I have seen in years, may be leaving the Stardust. This Latin/Cuban show truly is fabulous. If another hotel would like a high-octane shot in the arm, this is a definite and we must keep this show here at any cost.

At Caesars Palace, my divine Celine Dion, the diva of song, invited in the whole cast of Mama Mia. Rumor has it that she is getting ready to sign for three years. She is my favorite — I have seen the show 14 times.

The Queen musical at Paris, "We Will Rock You," officially opens on Wednesday. My spies have told me that the soft opening has been great and one of them said that the show here is better than the one in England.

Over at the Westin Hotel, the show "Diva" opens this week. In November, "Forbidden Vegas" will take the stage. Paul Reder produces the latter; it should be a good one.

This weekend signals the Jerry Lewis Telethon. Charo is now one of the board members and her segment is not to be missed. Also, Joe Trummell will do his schtick at this telethon. He is currently in "V" at The Aladdin.

Downtown, Jon Stewart is opening at Lady Luck. The show is called Ovations. Stay tuned.

Studio 54 at the MGM Grand extended its hours during Labor Day weekend. It is nice to know that people who wanted to party had a place to freak out. It truly is a great club.

Dining with the Divas at the Rainbow Lounge is an alternative nightclub. For those who have not seen the Queen comedy of Raymond Alexander and the beautiful bomb shell, Rudalenska, it is a must. Rudalenska’s beauty is only matched by her insane personality.

The Beach Boys will be turning Lake Las Vegas into a beach party on Friday, Oct. 15. It’s sure to be a hit and a great way to say goodbye to the 2004 summer days.

What is all the fuss about Christine Anderson and the Rat Pack? This is a very touchy subject but know that our thoughts and prayers are with you for a very positive recovery. You are a very beautiful young lady with lots of support from your family and friends.

I’m not one for reviewing restaurants but I went to Memphis Championship Barbecue on Rainbow and the place was fabulous. My assistant told me, while writing this column, that she uses Memphis for her catering needs. They do an incredible job!

Lastly, former showgirl and lead dancer in "Splash," Delia Sheppard, will play Nurse Ratchett in "One Flew Over The Coo Coo’s Nest" at the Community College. Looking forward to seeing you with clothes on.

Don’t work too hard on Labor Day!