New games pique interest

Sep 7, 2004 5:47 AM

While Las Vegas Strip casinos cater to players with a mix of reel and video slot games, Las Vegas locals have made video poker their game of choice.

As the world’s largest gaming machine manufacturer, IGT controls more than two-thirds of the market for one-armed bandits.

They also produce the vast majority of video poker games. In addition to traditional games, bonus and wild-card poker, IGT has come up with variations of the basic five-card draw to keep players interested.

One game that has shown plenty of promise is IGT’s Super Times Pay Poker, a bonus-based variation of the highly-popular Triple-, Five- and Ten-Play poker games.

The bonus multiplier, either 2X or 10X the regular jackpot, costs an extra credit bet per hand, without taking away from the base pay table.

The bonus is available from a library of poker games and various coin denominations.

Another hot new game is Five Aces Bonus Poker, in which an extra ace is added to the 52-card deck. The fifth ace means more chances for four aces, of course, but the real payoff comes when all five aces land, producing a payoff 1,200 times the hand bet.

IGT’s popular Multi-Strike Poker, which was a hit when it debuted a couple of years ago, has been augmented with a Multi-Hand option. The skill-based game gives players multiple shots at winning that multiply with each hand wagered.

Here’s how it works: The first of four hands plays like regular draw poker with a conventional pay table. A new deck is used for each subsequent hand in the game. A win on the second level is doubled. There’s a 4X multiplier for the third level. And if the player makes it to the fourth level, the win is multiplied by 8X. Players bet up to 50 credits per hand, and play up to five four-level games with each wager.

Poker players who have an aversion to deuces as a wild card can name their own wild cards in Anything’s Wild Poker, a poker game that lets the player pick which card will be wild.

In this game, before cards are dealt, the player may designate any rank, deuce through ace, as the wild card rank.

In response to the national poker craze, IGT has unveiled a Texas Hold ’em like game called Hold ’em Challenge Multi-Hand Poker, in which players hold a two-card hand, as in Texas Hold ’em, and plays it along with community cards.

Last but not least, blackjack lovers can play their favorite game within the privacy of a gaming machine on the new Triple Play, Five Play and Ten Play Blackjack games.

The new blackjack machines will take up to100 credits per hand in operator-selectable multiples of 10 credits.