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Series longshot:Try Houston

Sep 7, 2004 6:19 AM

Remember when the Astros were deciding which team to unload Carlos Beltran, who they had acquired a month earlier from KC. No more.

Suddenly, the Astros have caught fire and are right in the thick of the wild card chase in the majors. The odds on the Astros at famed Caesars Palace have dropped from 80-1 to 25-1. So much for giving up on a team early.

Good luck to GamingToday Managing Editor David Stratton in his opening round match with Steve Fessik this Friday in a rematch of last year’s Stardust Invitational final.

Stratton is the longest shot (+1710) according to an offshore book that has placed odds on the 17-week event. Fessik is a -126 favorite. Just don’t mention UCLA to Stratto.