Fights not right ones

Apr 22, 2008 7:00 PM

Pulling No Punches by Michael Katz | With nothing major coming up next week worth mentioning, let alone playing, this is as good a time to catch our breath, make a few notes and realize just how good the current generations (and they do range in age into the 40s), are outside of the heavyweights.

The best fighter. Floyd Mayweather Jr., is shamefully ignoring boxing to make money in dancing, rasslin’ and avoiding his major contenders. I can’t blame a guy for wanting to be rich, but Money May seems to have no conception, publicly at least, that life is more.

Floyd has lined up two rematches which have no bearing on the sport of boxing, only his bankbook. He goes against Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton, neither of whom have much of a chance.

The merry month of May holds some promises for more great fights – but no, not de la Hoya against Steve Forbes. On that same day, there is a dilly between Joan Guzman and Alex Arthur. Of course, since that is the first Saturday in May, boxing will be overshadowed by the Kentucky Derby.

There’s another potential beauty on May 17, when Cristan Mijares and Alex Munoz clash, but that’s also the same day as the Preakness.

May closes with what Bob Arum calls the Miguel Cotto losers’ bracket, but still an attractive pairing of Sugar Shane Mosley and Zab Judah with the winner obviously going on to a championship fight, though not against Mayweather.

Peeking ahead to the month of June, we will have two of Arum’s best, Kelly Pavlik and Manny Pacquiao, in title fights, but the promoter has greedily matched them much softer than the public wants.

Arum is always "building" to future fights. He’s got Pavlik in a "mandatory" defense against some Welshman (Gary Lockett) not named Calzaghe instead of against someone like Arthur Abraham or Winky Wright.

The Pac Man moves up to fight David Diaz, an honest fighter with a good chin, for a lightweight title. Tell me, though what fan instead wouldn’t want to see directly the third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez? What use was watching Miguel Cotto toy with the outclassed Alfonso Gomez? He should have gone straight to either Antonio Margarito or Kermit Cintron. Then, while Mayweather fiddles, he could have knocked off the other.

Oh, yes, I still like Cotto over Margarito, but the Tijuana Tornado was very impressive in the rematch with Cintron. Very impressive, indeed. I think he goes back in my top 25 pound for pound.