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Bally to build ultimate
‘ladies only’ slots

Sep 21, 2004 1:37 AM

Alliance Gaming Corp. announced last week that its Bally Gaming and Systems business unit has entered into a licensing agreement with Chippendales Entertainment for a series of slot machines featuring the trademarks, art and images of the Chippendales male-entertainment brand.

Bally Gaming is developing the first Chippendales game as a "Super Frenzy" reel-spinning slot with a unique fourth reel in the top box. Chippendales artwork and photographs will be used creatively to offer a unique slot product that celebrates Chippendales’ 26 years of high octane entertainment.

Initial delivery of the slot is expected to begin before the end of the calendar year.

Known the world over for its tastefully provocative theatrical shows, Chippendales has evolved into an international entertainment phenomenon celebrating the male physique and providing female audiences with an exciting diversion.

With "more than 10,000,000 women satisfied to date," according to the Chippendales’ press material, the Chippendales production has surpassed 30,000 performances worldwide.

Playing to sold-out audiences, the Chippendales 2003 World Tour spanned 23 countries and more than 100 cities, from Mexico to Denmark. And in the past 20 years, the steamy Chippendales Calendar has sold millions of copies worldwide.

"We’ve been looking for a game that speaks directly to women who want a little excitement and sizzle in their lives," said Mickey Roemer, senior vice president of game development for Bally Gaming and Systems. "It may not be as wild for the ladies as a live Chippendales show, but winning a Chippendales jackpot will be just as much fun."

Chippendale officials were excited about the idea of spinning on a slot machine.

"We are delighted to be working with Bally Gaming to develop a world-class slot product that captures the essence of the Chippendales experience," said Kevin Denberg, vice president of marketing for Chippendales Entertainment. "We were impressed with what the company has done with other licensed brands and we’re aiming for the same level of success with the wealth of copyrighted Chippendales material that we offer."

Alliance Gaming is a diversified gaming company with headquarters in Las Vegas.

Chippendales produces Broadway-style shows worldwide and licenses its intellectual property for select consumer products. Chippendales Entertainment is headquartered in New York, with offices in Las Vegas and London.