Sep 21, 2004 6:41 AM

Craps players may have heard about "regressing" the six and eight, but never understood how the process worked.

Well, here’s a quick course on regressing the six and eight.

First, it’s important to understand that a regression system is one in which you can gain a profit after just one win at the table. It always starts with your highest bets first and, when the seven ultimately hits, you are left with a minimum, or no bets, on the table.

One of the most popular regression systems begins by betting $30 on the six and eight. You just place $30 in chips on both the six and eight, for a total play of $60.

When either number hits, you win $35 (at odds of 7-6). You then regress both bets down to $18 each. Now you have $35 in profit and $36 on the table so you are risking only $1 to win $21.

If either number hits and you win the $21, regress both numbers down to $12. You have now won $56 ($35 plus $21) and on the third hit will win another $14 for a total of $70.

After this third hit you should regress down to $6 each and, if you win, you’ll have a total of $77 in profit for any four hits on the six and eight.

An alternative to regressing both numbers is to regress only the number that is hit. For example, if the $30 six hits, you’ll regress just the six down to $24 and leave $30 on the eight. If the six hits again, you go to an $18 six and $30 eight. After any four hits you should take everything down and wait for the next shooter.

If you’re a red chip ($5) player, you could begin by betting the six and eight for $12 each. If either hits, regress it down to $6 and leave the other number up at $12. If it hits again, just leave it at $6 while you wait for the other number to hit. As with the previous system, you are looking for any four hits before you take your remaining bets down.

The whole point of regression is to place your biggest bets at the beginning of a shooter’s roll, and your smallest bets at the end. Sometimes the shooter will keep on rolling, and you will regret your smaller bet. But most of the time you will lock up your profit and have your bets at the table minimum (or off completely) when the shooter sevens out.