Raider Nation tops ‘Chuckie’

Sep 21, 2004 8:52 AM

Next Sunday we see a couple of teams who are a mere shadow of their Super Bowl matchup of a few seasons ago. Tampa Bay goes West next week and I see a long plane ride both ways. I don’t believe the Bucs have scored a combined total of 20 points in their first two games.

"Chuckie" has a lot of problems to address and the quarterback carousel officially started Sunday afternoon. An ineffective Brad Johnson gave way to Chris Simms in the second quarter and, as of this writing, I don’t know Gruden’s game plan concerning the QB. I don’t believe it will have much impact in the present situation. Garner is a serviceable NFL back and Alstott is not very useful when you are always playing catch up.

The defense is solid, but they are always on the field and attrition will finally show. Buffalo is similar to the Bucs and, if not for a fortunate third down and 16 conversion with a minute to go, the Raider Nation is cashing all those late parlays connecting the Colts or Cowboys. Gannon, though a notch down, still has enough to beat a team with many more questions than answers. The -3 spread is very reachable for the Raiders. Lay the points. OAKLAND.

Take care, Jimmy V.

Last week: 1-0

Season: 3-0