2 For Tuesday - April 22, 2008

Apr 22, 2008 7:28 PM

2 FOR TUESDAY Richard Saber...last wk: 2-0. ’08: 22-18 (55.0%)

BRAVES -205 v NATIONALS (Smoltz v Lannan)

Atlanta bats heating up off sweep of the Dodgers. Chipper Jones is the hottest, leading the majors at .458. The Nats have been horrible after the 3-0 start and face Smoltz. BRAVES.

D’BACKS -220 v GIANTS (Webb v Zito)

The worst and best of the NL West. Arizona has young talent and a great pitching. The Giants are an old folks home.. D’BACKS...Bonus: BREWERS -109.


2 FOR TUESDAY Mark Mayer... last wk: 2-1. ’08: 19-20 (48.7%)

DODGERS at REDS 9½ total (Kuo v Volquez)

The Dodgers scored 3 runs in Atlanta and figure to struggle against ex-Texas pitcher Edinson Volquez (2-0, 1.17 ERA). With LA’s Mr. Kuo and his stellar 0.79 ERA, runs will be scarce. UNDER.

INDIANS -118 at ROYALS (Sabathia v Meche)

Time for CC Sabatical to be Sabathia again and fix that brutal 13.50 ERA. It’s a bargain price on the road. INDIANS... Bonus pick: MARINERS -163.