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Harrah’s launches ‘set for life’ promo

Sep 27, 2004 12:27 PM

Mention the phrase "set for life" to most people and several things come to mind: inheritance, hitting the lottery or cashing in your stock options.

But for those who frequent casinos, "set for life" can have a different meaning: catching your keno numbers, hitting the Megabucks, nailing a 20-team parlay and so forth.

Now, Harrah’s Entertainment brings new meaning to "set for life" with a hot new promotion for its casino customers. How about $100,000 a year for life? Or four new BMWs for the rest of your life? These prizes and more are part of Harrah’s new Set For Life promotion.

Set for Life will award players with a variety of prizes — including an annual $100,000 cash infusion — for life. The promotion will expand existing alliances with Royal Caribbean International and Macy’s department stores while joining Harrah’s with BMW, American Airlines, Godiva chocolates, Blockbuster video stores, The Sharper Image and for the first time. These new partners will all provide prizes during the promotion.

The promotion launches at select Harrah’s casinos this week, with additional casinos following suit through Oct. 31. In all, 23 casinos owned, operated or managed by Harrah’s will participate. The promotion concludes Dec. 11, when customers from around the nation will join together to view the drawing via a video simulcast based in Las Vegas to identify nine players who will be "set for life."

"This is the most innovative promotional concept Harrah’s has ever instituted," said Ginny Shanks, the company’s senior vice president of acquisition marketing. "Never before has a casino company utilized so many corporate alliances to provide customers with such a wide range of spectacular prizes."

The nine Set for Life prizes include:

”¡ Grand Prize of $2 million paid out in annual installments of $100,000 for 20 years

”¡ Four brand new BMW Z4 sports cars.

”¡ Twenty three-day cruises from Royal Caribbean.

”¡ Air travel on American Airlines — winner receives 1 million AA advantage Bonus Miles

”¡ Macy’s Shopping Spree: Winner receives $20,000 in Macy’s gift cards

”¡ The Sharper Image Shopping Spree: winner receives $20,000 in Sharper Image reward cards.

”¡ Flowers for Life by winner receives 240 $60 gift certificates.

”¡ Godiva Chocolates for life: winner receives 240 $30 gift certificates.

”¡ BLOCKBUSTER Movie Rentals for Life: winner receives 1,040 BLOCKBUSTER movie rentals.

Each of the 23 casinos will select three entrants for the random drawing on Dec. 11.