Conference topics on the cutting edge

Sep 28, 2004 11:02 AM

Each year, G2E provides members of the gaming industry with cutting-edge knowledge by way of its panel discussions, workshops and seminars.

The courses are moderated by key figures in the gaming industry and often include guest speakers and panelists who are experts in the topic of discussion.

This year’s conference schedule features a variety of newly-added topics, including the food and beverage aspect of the gaming industry, design and décor of commercial casinos, and the interactive/online gaming industry.

What legislative and regulatory issues will have an impact on the gaming industry in the coming year?  How can individual companies thrive in the face of a stagnant economy?  What are the prospects and pitfalls for gaming expansion worldwide? Global Gaming Expo has the answers to all these questions and more.

G2E has expanded its conference program this year to include more than 100 sessions, as well as 30 intensive sessions in the G2E Training & Development Institute, making it the largest, most comprehensive information interchange on the global gaming industry to date.

Sessions will focus on a wide range of issues facing the modern gaming executive, including casino management and marketing, international expansion trends, the future of Native American gaming, emerging technologies, casino security and surveillance, and responsible gaming.

Here is a list of the conference sesions grouped according to topic.


Security & Surveillance

Table Games: Catching Cheats

Protecting Slots: Device Cheats

Game Protection: Advantage Players

Locals Casinos: Keeping Neighbors Happy

The Future of Casino Security: Technology

Emergency Management: Developing the Disaster Plan

Information Technology: Casino Security

Racinos: Security Concerns

Gaming: Homeland Security

Slot Protection: Advantage Players

Criminals: The Incarcerated Truth

Protecting Riverboats: Security and Surveillance Concerns

Native American Gaming: Unique Security Concerns

Risk Management: The Gaming Perspective


Finance & Money

Pay Up: The Insurance Crisis in the Gaming Industry

Manufacturers CEO Roundtable

Double Down: Why Tax Hikes Hurt Government and Industry

Operators COO/CEO Roundtable

Suspicious Transactions: Update on Cash Reporting

Wall Street Wisdom: Gaming Analyst and CFO Roundtable



Class II: Regulations and Updates

Effective Techniques: Marketing and Promotion

Top Priorities: The Importance of Customer Service

Your Hall: Through Your Players’ Eyes

Service With a Smile: Dealing with Difficult Customers

The New Bingo: Tradition and Technology


Games & Technology

Blurring the Lines: The Convergence of Video Poker and Slots

Business Intelligence: Turning Your Data into Information

Games and Expectations: The Slot Floor of the Future

Market Explosion: The Next Generation of Gaming Customers

Racino Revolution: Are Slots Saving Racing?

Meeting the Challenge: How Conferences and Trade Shows Work in Gaming Jurisdictions The Slot Debate 2004: Manufacturers vs. Operators

Indian Gaming Innovations: Transforming the Gaming Industry


Gaming Development

Atlantic City: Responding to Competition

Expansion Update: Evolving U.S. Gaming Jurisdictions

State Associations: Making the Point


Gaming Law & Regulation

Testing, Testing: The Increasing Importance of Slot Labs

Privacy Rights: What Casinos Must Do Under the New Federal Law

Opening Lines of Communication: Casino Leaders and Regulators Working Together

Intellectual Property: How Gaming Companies Can Protect their Products and Services

Legal Eagles: Compliance and the Role of the Chief Counsel

Scrutiny of Public Companies in Gaming: How Much is Enough?

Gaming Licenses: Privilege and Compliance


Tribal Government

Tribal Opportunities: Economic Development Beyond Gaming

Class Warfare: The Legal Distinction Between Class II and Class III Gaming

Land Into Trust: Off-Reservation Gaming

NIGC’s Environmental, Public Health and Safety Regulations

Tribal Government Gaming: Regulating All Levels

The NIGC: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

An Ongoing Debate: The Pros and Cons of Amending IGRA

The Recent Formation of the Indian Gaming Work Group (IGWG)



The Essentials: What New Hires Need to Know

Neon Chefs

Power Promotions: The Year’s Most Innovative Campaigns

Retailing, Revenue Management and Slot Profitability

Recruiting: How To Hire and Retain the Best

Recruiting: How To Hire and Retain the Best

Standard Operating Procedures: Are Yours Better Described as SECRET Operating Procedures?

Training and Customer Service: Secrets from Outside the Gaming Industry

The Smoking Gun: Ban vs. Accommodation

How to Host a Poker Tournament



Networked: Gaming and Television

International Intrigue: Internet Gaming Developments

Player Profile: Who Really Gambles on the Internet?

P2P: Online Gambling’s Fastest-Growing Sector

Legal Limbo: How the Wire Act Impacts Online Gambling


Design & Décor

The Shape of The Casino of the Future

Renovation Renaissance: Making Old New Again

A Breath of Fresh Air: Why Indoor Air Quality is Important

Building the Spa Casino: A Case Study

Designing Drama: Keeping Them Coming Back

On the Cutting Edge: Design Trends for Native American Gaming

Designing Success: Expanding International Markets

Casino Construction: How Commissioning Can Help You Beat the Odds

Gaming Synergy: How Retail Thrives in a Gaming Setting Session Title


Food & Beverage

Restaurant Design: Techniques to Attract Restaurant Customers

Profit Potential: Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your F&B Revenue While Delighting Your Guests Marketing Your Restaurant Like An Expert: The Art Of Branding And Positioning

F&B 101 for the Non-F&B Executive

Loyalty Counts: How to get Your Customers to Stay More and Play More

Borrowing the Brand: Franchising Pros and Cons

Mohegan Sun’s How to Build the World’s Largest Wedding Cake



Politics and the EU: Who Really Represents Gaming Interests in Brussels?

Avoiding the Backlash: Protecting the Public Good ”¦ and the Bottom Line

Market Research: Portrait of an American Gambler

Macau: Expl