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Colts-Jags not Eagles-Lions

Sep 28, 2004 11:19 AM

The AFC has its version of Philadelphia-Detroit when the unbeaten Colts and Jaguars meet Sunday in Jacksonville.

This "David vs Goliath" won’t turn into that over-hyped matchup in Detroit that turned into a one-sided win for the superior Eagles.

Reason is the Jags play great defense. Not many teams can open 3-0, managing to score just 35 points! Indy QB Peyton Manning put up 45 against Green Bay and fired five TD passes in the first half! Can’t wait for this one.

”¡ What we can wait for is another Roy Jones fight. Glen Johnson, a +500 underdog, delivered a right-left combo that sent Junior to the mat for the 10-count, and then some.

Hopefully, Jones won’t turn into another Mike Tyson and become a punching bag to earn $$$. Boxing deserves much better than that. Well, maybe not.