NFL ‘birds’ flying high

Sep 28, 2004 11:33 AM

Birds of a feather flock together. The Eagles, Seahawks and Falcons are all unbeaten in the NFC. It makes an old dog like me dream of sprouting wings.

But Denny The Dog doesn’t need any wings to fly. He’s high enough after three straight weeks of winners. As Al Davis might say, just pick winners baby!

That’s always been the objective in this corner. And so far, so good. Just make sure you pay the power bill before you bet any of this week’s selections. You never know when those birds might be due to have their wings clipped.

Sunday, Oct. 3

Giants (+ 6) at Packers: The Packers might have some problems with a high-powered offense like the Colts. But Kurt Warner, as good as he may have looked the last two weeks, is not going to last too long at this high level. He was picking on Browns defensive line that lost two starters and a secondary minus two starting cornerbacks. Favre and Pack still hungry for first home victory. PACKERS.

Eagles (-6) at Bears: I think the Bears overachieved last Sunday at home without Brian Urlacher. Chicago will have a tough time replacing FS Mike Brown (lost for the season) and CB Jerry Azumah (out to at least November). McNabb and Owens look like they are in the zone of all zones — the end zone! T.O. has 5 TDs, which matches the Eagles total TD receptions for last season! EAGLES.

Skins (-2) at Browns: Cleveland decimated by injuries to both corners, not to mention DL Courtney Brown and Gerard Warren. Expecting home field advantage to pay off for the beat up Browns. Skins coming off Monday night clash with Cowboys. BROWNS.

Patriots (-4½) at Bills: A hunch on a home dawg is all it is. When you hit 17 consecutive wins in the NFL your wave is ready to crash. I don’t care how guru-like your coach is, or how crafty your QB. Pats are 12-1 in games decided by three points or less and 7-0 in OT. But Pats may be shocked and lose a close one here. BILLS.

Raiders (+2) at Texans: The Texans just needed a spark to ignite the team after falling 0-2. That spark happened to be Marcus Coleman’s 102-yard interception TD return versus KC. Gannon’s back and Garner’s knee took big hits Sunday night. TEXANS.

Colts (-4½) at Jaguars: Jags are 3-0 and have only scored 35 points in three games. But the Jags’ big D has only allowed 28 in the same span. Titans’ Chris Brown broke the Jags streak of 17 straight games without allowing a 100-yard rusher. Hard to bet against a team that’s won three consecutive games by a field goal or less in the final seconds JAGS.

Bengals (+3) at Steelers: Carson Palmer has one more year experience than Ben Roethlisberger. Doesn’t sound big, but one year in the NFL under your belt at QB is huge. BENGALS.

Falcons (+3½) at Panthers: I’m becoming a huge Michael Vick fan. Vick’s versatility can beat you two ways. If the receivers are open he can stay in the pocket and pass. But if the coverage is solid, Vick can pull it down and dash for your cash! Nine carries last week for 68 yards. FALCONS.

Saints (-4) at Cards: Denny Green’s team has won the green two out of three weeks. They may be 0-3 but their bankrolls are 2-1. The Cards fight to the bitter end and just might catch the Saints feeling a little cocky after two consecutive field goal wins. If McCown can hold onto the ball we’ll be fine. CARDS.

Jets (-1) at Dolphins: Miami searching for its first win. Ricky Williams’ agent on a hunt of his own to track down Ricky in China to see if he would consider returning to action. Hey, you might try the Beijing Bong Café! Dolphins have plenty of D but their O is offensive. JETS.

Broncos (-7) at Bucs: What happened to the once feared Bucs? Gruden is in trouble hanging his hopes on aging Brad Johnson. The bigger problem is there is really no one to hand off or throw to, even if he was playing great! Broncos bounced back after upset at Jacksonville. BRONCOS.

Titans (-7) at Chargers: The Titans’ ego is more bruised than Steve McNair’s sternum after being upset two weeks in a row at home. Tennessee is steamed about it but Chargers are charged up to get their first home win of the season! CHARGERS.

Rams(-4½) at 49ers: Rams haven’t covered a spread this year! Why start now? Rams secondary is vulnerable. 49ERS.

Monday, Oct. 4

Chiefs (+4) at Ravens: Chiefs are the most disappointing team of the season. The defense was supposed to be improved. Their first three games of this season haven’t been much different than the last 10. Opponents have averaged 175 yards rushing and 28 points per game. But I think the biggest disappointment of the year will score enough to cover. Remember last year when they won game after game without a defense. CHIEFS.

Last week: 8-4-1

Season: 29-14-2