Deli Delite

Oct 5, 2004 12:27 AM


"JUSTIFY">"Arial">A local food and beverage magazine

publisher, who is constantly wined and dined by his advertisers, has entered the

gossip columnist fray you read about last week on these pages. The publisher,

who also does an e-mail column called "The Eye," sent an e-mail asking

The Patch if he felt it was unethical to have book signings hosted by

businesses that he wrote about in his column. He also sent copies of the e-mail

to the gossip person’s bosses, which didn’t make any sense since they

attended the book signings. Oh, to be back in kindergarten.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">Huntington Press, which is my publishing

house, has a new book out entitled, "Whale Hunt in the Desert, The Secret

Life of Superhost Steve Cyr." Deke Castleman is the writer and he is also

the editor of an upcoming expose about your GamingToday columnist.

I’m totally cooperating with the true confession story.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">Celine Dion has extended her contract with

Caesars Palace for another year with no financial details released. While on

hiatus from the Colosseum this month, Celine is on the road promoting her new

"Miracles" project slated for release Oct. 12. Let’s hope she

returns from the trip strong enough not to cancel any more dates.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">One of the Strip’s most talented,

energetic and nicest icons, Breck Wall, and his long-running "Bottoms

Up" afternoon funfest, will be out on the street as of Oct. 16. It’s a

complicated, but amicable parting of the ways with the Flamingo with Breck

telling friends he’s already considering two offers, but neither can be begin

until 2005. Breck and Bill Moore helped me with my show when I first arrived

here in 1967. It’s obvious neither did a good job because they didn’t have

much talent to work with. You’ve read it here first that Kevin Spacey will

bring his Bobby Darin impression tour (to coincide with the release of his Darin

biopic) to the Flamingo in late November and Dolly Parton is slated to play the

Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Dec. 7. Also, the Victoria’s Secret Angels

(supermodels Tyra Banks, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and

Alessandra Ambrosio) will be inducted into the Hard Rock Hall of Fame on Nov. 11

and the Bellagio fountains will welcome them with a pink water display.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">There are plenty of other marquee changes

in the works around the city though I’m told only one affects a major hotel.

Planet Aladdin is looking to bring some spice for its costumers with the old

standby "X" show. The producers claim all the legal hassles are behind

them and that they’re ready to make a splash for Robert Earl and company.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">"Forbidden Vegas" is still

Westin bound, but who knows when. In the meantime, magician Colin Foster is

holding court. Vinnie Favorito takes the headlining spot at The Horseshoe

downtown, which should be the first of many new ventures along the Fremont

Street Experience. The Lady Luck is eying a new entry and the Plaza is just

about to start renovation on its showroom. No, Mayor Oscar hasn’t been asked

to be an entertainment director though it could be an interesting offer that he

couldn’t refuse.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">The slowest times in the history of the

Las Vegas Motor Speedway will be set Saturday when the track is used for the

Thomas & Mack Co. Walk to Cure Diabetes. Registration for a fun-stroll, 1.5-

or 3-mile walk around the speedway starts at 8 a.m. There will also be free

food, rock-climbing walls, inflatable jumping gyms and games for the kids. Call

the Juvenile Diabetes Research Center Foundation at 732-4795 for further

information and tell them Monti said to call.

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">Las Vegas’ centennial celebration will

officially kick off New Year’s Day with a Las Vegas Convention and Visitors

Authority float in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. The LVCVA will

spend more than $200,000 on its entry that should prove a great investment with

a television audience of more than 27 million viewers predicted. I volunteer to

wear my finest threads to ride on the float. The parade’s theme is

"Celebrate Family."

"JUSTIFY">"Arial">New York Post columnist Cindy

Adams, who’s even older than I am, is a straight shooter. She recently took on

sacred cow Oprah Winfrey for booking Amy Fisher "shooter-in-the-head of

wives who did nothing worse than marry lousy men" (Joey Buttafuoco) because

she has a book out. Adams continues, "The Lord may have forgiven sweet Amy

but, not being divine, I personally consider her a pig."


"JUSTIFY">"Arial">Our prayers go out to photographer Ed

Foster on the passing of his beloved wife, Julia, at age 70.