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House pulls rug out
on all those dogs

Oct 5, 2004 12:57 PM

Ten home dogs on one board! Sound absurd?

Home dog lovers were lickin’ their chops prior to kicking off week 4. Because that’s exactly what was up on every sports book wall in town. But after lickin’ those chops, the home puppy lovers were left with their tongue hanging out of those same choppers. They finished an unimpressive 4-5-1. Home dawgs for the season are even worse at 8-12-1.

There’s quite a dog-eat-dog battle going on through 4 weeks between the dogs and favorites. Dogs have won a whopping single game more than the favorites. You might say the linesmakers are on top of their numbers! It’s basically been a 50-50 proposition.

Dolphins + 13 at Pats: If Miami had any kind of a team, what a game this would be for the Pats to cinch number 18. As it stands, if the Pats don’t break the NFL record for consecutive wins, they should be embarrassed. It would probably feel like being thumped by a high school team. But this number is too big. DOLPHINS.

Browns +6½ at Steelers: There have been six back-up QBs thrown into the lion’s den since opening day. Only one, Big Ben, won his first game. Now he has made it two in a row but can he go unbeaten forever? Lee Suggs the type of runner who may tell his teammates to climb on board his back for a few games this season. BROWNS.

Raiders + 10 at Colts: Kerry Collins can throw the ball deep with little effort. He also can fumble and throw the ball to the opposing team with relative ease. Manning knows how to find the end-zone, 11 TD passes through the first four weeks. Colts on a three game win streak, first two by margins of 14, last one over the Jags was 7. COLTS.

Lions +7 at Falcons: Falcons still unbeaten. Warrick Dunn left game with a hamstring strain. Lions have managed to "mooch" an extra week to prepare with an early bye. I’m taking the rested team plus the points. LIONS.

Bucs +3 at Saints: And you thought the Saints weren’t going to miss Deuce? Aaron Stecker ran for 23 yards versus Arizona after going over 100 against St. Louis. Bucs need their first win desperately. BUCS.

Giants +3 at Cowboys: I have to take back plenty of negative comments I’ve made about Kurt Warner over the first few weeks. He’s his detractors eat their words over the last two weeks. I’m so imressed I’ve started trying to be five minutes early for every single appointment in my life! Coughlin’s ways seem to be paying off. But Parcells can match Coughlin’s motivational techniques and has an overachieving, aging QB of his own. COWBOYS.

Vikings -4 ½ at Houston: How can you pick against the Texans? The first winning streak in team history, a 2 game roll! Carr can cut his locks. But be careful, remember what happened to Sampson? Texans should have enough strength to cover. TEXANS.

Bills +6½ at Jets: Jets are undefeated. Buffalo is winless. Both of these statements will remain true after Sunday night. One could argue Jets’ schedule has been easy. It’s even easier this week. Bills lost two offensive linemen and one cornerback hurt his knee during last week’s contest. Curtis Martin just keeps rolling. JETS.

Jags +2½ at Chargers: Fred Taylor’s not carrying his share of the load. Jags have managed to start 3-1 with a super D and very little offense. Brees is playing QB like a man who wants to keep his starting job. Phillip Rivers may have to sit a little longer. CHARGERS.

Panthers +5½ at Broncos: Panthers slightly underrated coming into Denver. Broncos lucky to escape with 3 point win over banged up Bucs. PANTHERS.

Rams +4 at Seahawks: I’m not overly impressed with Rams’ big win over hapless Niners. Seattle really hasn’t played too tough a schedule with wins over Saints, Bucs and 49ers. RAMS.

Cards Pk at 49ers: Cards have been a super money team, 3-1 ATS. Niners have looked lost in losing the last two games and point spreads. CARDS.

Ravens -2½ at Redskins: Gibbs better be careful or fans will start comparing him to Steve Spurrier! RAVENS.

Titans -7 at Packers: Brett Favre coming off a concussion. Packers suffered sixth loss in last 12 home games. Entire team is banged up. Linebacker, kick returner and two safeties injured. TITANS.

Last week: 7-5-1

Season: 37-19-3