Hello, Dolly ... welcome back

Oct 12, 2004 1:22 AM

In the you’ve got to be kidding department: "Bewitched" producer Lucy Fisher told Daily Variety’s Army Archerd that Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell "are like Hepburn and Tracy" while filming the big screen version of the famous TV series — it’s enough to even make me vomit, but the New York Post reports that a Brooklyn vegetarian eatery features a full-frontal nude portrait of Donald Trump in a male porn-type pose on its wall.

As reported exclusively here last week, tickets have gone on sale for Dolly Parton’s Dec. 7 performance at the Colosseum at Caesars Place. Prices are a reasonable $65 to $100; the 10:30 p.m. performance is part of Parton’s first tour in more than 20 years.

Speaking of Siegfried & Roy, I wasn’t invited to the birthday party though I still consider them friends. I’m figuring there will be more events to keep Roy in the limelight and to make sure he’s not forgotten which would be devastating to him. I watched the "Miracle" TV show and read People magazine and shed a tear for him for his condition and for the people he continues to keep around him. I hear lots of cast members of their show were disappointed about not being invited to the party, especially when the cast of their Havana show all received invites.

Colony Capitol, owners of the Hilton, looks like they want to become serious players in town. Its marketing chief Rick White attempted to make me a host in one of my past lifetimes, but I wasn’t ready. I am now gaining much needed experience from being a bitchy columnist and learning how to play the "you need me" game around town.

Downtown is lighting up more then the Fremont Street Experience. Gordie Brown is starting to draw sold-out crowds on the weekends and Larry Manetti’s creative ideas have increased business at the Plaza. His Sunday brunch is the best bargain in town especially with the great lineup of local talent that pops in to perform. Also, check on Manetti’s Italian restaurant. I keep hearing it’s the best in town though I haven’t been officially invited for a taste test.

This weekend legendary comedians Don Rickles (he’s also appearing at the Stardust) and Sid Caesar will receive top honors at the third annual Las Vegas Comedy Festival at the Golden Nugget. Other honorees will include Phyllis Diller, the late Buddy Hackett, Ed McMahon, producer George Schlatter and manager Bernie Brillstein. Rickles will receive the entertainer of the years award and Caesar will be bestowed the first Caesar Award named in his honor.

In case Mayor Oscar Goodman hasn’t heard, New York City is attempting to lure motion picture production back to the Big Apple by offering tax breaks and better bagels so that they won’t head north to Canada. With what we have in Las Vegas, can you imagine what Mayor Oscar can offer them?

Tony Butala is the ultimate survivor. He’s survived Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Jackson Five and so many more. And, he’s still going strong on a career that started 45 years ago with a group that’s about to release album number 75. Butala is the founder and remains the lead singer of The Lettermen, which will be appearing at the Suncoast this weekend. "I still live for the time on the stage," says Butala, who performs with fellow Lettermen Donovan Tea and Darren Dowler. "It gives me instant gratification despite the years. Our success has been phenomenal; we’ve taken Americana to the ultimate. Our fans have stayed with us and have brought their families up with us. We’ve had Lettermen conventions the past 24 years where we do all request three- hour long shows. It’s what our fans want. They still want to hear our hits and we do them in every performance, though it’s in medley form."

Odds and Ends: The Sirens of TI will sings the national anthem at the Los Angeles Lakers NBA pre-season game at the Thomas & Mack on Oct. 24 ”¦ Andy Williams brings his Christmas show to the Orleans Arena on Dec. 18 with tickets already on sale ”¦ The Society of Seven with Lani Misalucha has added an 8 p.m. show on Friday and will continued to do afternoon shows at Bally’s at 3 o’clock on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday ”¦ The Siegfried & Roy-backed "Havana Night Club — The Show," returns to the Stardust Oct. 16-22 ”¦ "Ba-Da-Bing" moves into its own room at the Stardust beginning Friday at $60 and $80 that includes a champagne dinner ”¦ The "X" girls topless review heads back to the to the V Theatre at Desert Passage on Oct. 30.