WPT launches TV analysis show

Oct 12, 2004 2:59 AM

The World Poker Tour (WPT) and Travel Channel will break new ground with a televised "poker analysis show." The inaugural episode of WPT Poker Corner will be on Wednesday night (October 13.)

Filled with tips from the pros and heated debate, WPT Poker Corner breaks down the WPT Championship hand-by-hand in an unrehearsed and dynamic hour of analysis.

WPT Commentator Mike Sexton is joined by world famous poker pros Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth, who dissect the Final Table play where the stakes — $8.3 million dollars — were the highest in history to that point. Peek through the poker keyhole and get the insiders’ view on tells, reads, and strategies for improving your own game.

"The addition of WPT Poker Corner to the World Poker Tour’s Wednesday nights on Travel Channel makes for a full night of poker entertainment, perfect for both die-hards and newcomers alike," said Steve Lipscomb, president of WPT Enterprises and creator of the show.

Show host Mike Sexton added, "Players who are serious students of the game will enhance their own play with what they learn on WPT Poker Corner. Furthermore, watching WPT Poker Corner will offer viewers a completely different perspective into the WPT Championship."

The evening of poker begins with the airing of the Season Two WPT Championship. WPT Poker Corner premieres immediately after. The cycle then repeats for six hours of non-stop poker entertainment, with a second airing of the Season Two WPT Championship followed by a second airing of WPT Poker Corner.

The World Poker Tour, which was the first show on U.S. television to reveal the players’ hole cards, will broadcast 16 new tournaments filmed at leading casinos and exotic locales from Las Vegas to Paris, beginning with the launch of its third season in March 2005