Black Sunday for Cowboys

Oct 12, 2004 3:21 AM

Being an ex-bookmaker, everytime the Steelers and Cowboys meet a flashback of Jan. 21, 1979 rears it’s ugly head. Known later as "Black Sunday," the Steelers won 35-31 after the game opened at 2½ for Pittsburgh and rose to 5.

This created the perfect "rail splitter," as legendary player Sam Brown would have said. After recovering an onside kick, Roger Staubach hit Butch Johnson with 22 ticks left to put the game in the middle. I was running the old Royal Inn sports book and got off easy as we only lost $285,000. Some things you just never forget.

This time around, I will be taking a field goal with a talented Steelers bunch being led by a rookie QB that will make Tommy Maddox destined to the clipboard detail. Duce Staley wound up with over a 100 yards rushing with a bad toe and the three headed monster of Burress, Randle El, and Ward are a handful.

The Cowboys defense is quick, but rather small. The Giants pushed them around making holes enough for Tiki Barber to get over a 100 in the rushing department. Even though Eddie George had a decent day, it is hard for me to think he can rush for another 75 this week. Therefore, the pressure will be on Testaverde to keep making big plays.

The Giants got 3½ so based on that number, I think 3 is generous considering the Steelers are in my opinion a better team than a New York team with four straight wins under its belt. I am backing a little better team getting a few points. I’ll take that all the time. STEELERS.

Take care, Jimmy V.

Last week: 0-1

Season: 5-1