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WPT christens poker resource
center on Internet

Oct 18, 2004 11:36 PM


Texas Hold ”˜em and other poker games have had an undeniable grip on Americans, who have discovered the fun and the fascination of the popular card game through tournament coverage on television.

The World Poker Tour (WPT), which fueled much of the recent interest in poker through its Wednesday night broadcasts of its championship events, has established online a Family Poker Resource Center designed to help new players, create fun and instruct beginning players, from youngsters to adult.

"I love it that the all-American card game has literally come home, bringing families into the living room and showing teens that they can have fun at home," said Steve Lipscomb, president of WPT Enterprises and co-founder of the WPT. "At the World Poker Tour, we think it is our responsibility to leverage our popularity with both teens and adults to bring people together for responsible and age-appropriate poker."

Lipscomb added that the resource center is a service to players and potential players, and will include content on:

”¡ Everything You Need: The Resource Center will help provide everything players need, from rules on how to play, to poker-related merchandise like cards, authentic casino-style chips, books on playing poker and portable poker tables.

”¡ Educational Poker: The Resource Center will dedicate an entire section to various ways players can use poker to help their family hone their math skills — and make math study more fun.

”¡ Family Poker, from Thanksgiving family tournaments to playing with your kids, the Family Poker Resource Center is a one stop shop to help design the game, prepare the snacks and create a poker night that facilitates family bonding.

”¡ WPT Home Games: Not just for the family, the Resource Center will help design the perfect poker game to entertain guests of all ages — from weekly home games with your buddies to poker themed parties for friends and family.

The WPT Family Poker Resource Center is available on the website